I almost died – blowing life savings on my £16,000 bikini body helped me live again…. after being diagnosed with stage three cancer surgery had saved Su’s life so she went back under the knife to save it again…

A WOMAN who won a battle for life against cancer has told how she blew her life savings on cosmetic surgery so she could finally enjoy it!

Su, 44, had been a slim size 12 weighing 10 stone when a large tumour was found on her ovaries.

She underwent surgery and a full hysterectomy one mont later in May 2014 to remove it followed by chemo and radiotherapy to save her life.

But the treatment saw her pile on weight and comfort eating meant she doubled in size going from TEN stone to 20 STONE stone and a size 24.

Distraught Su had fought hard for her life and won – yet she felt too ashamed by her size to enjoy it. And now she was overweight she was at risk of theory disease like diabetes and heart disease. 

Rather than living life, she spent days locked up indoors too embarrassed and ashamed of her weight gain to go out and enjoy the life she knew she was lucky to have. 

Locked in a cycle of comfort eating to boost her mood she was only getting bigger.  In many ways it felt like the cancer had won as she had NO life.  But Su was desperate to live life to the full again after beating cancer  – including remarrying her husband. 

So she decided on something radical to get her life back. Gastric surgery. Turned down on the NHS she decided to blow her savings on the £11k operation. Su said: ‘ It might sound drastic but I knew I was wasting my life, a life that I had been lucky enough to keep and I wanted to claim it back in whatever way I could. Surgery had saved my life when I had cancer and I knew surgery could save my life again by helping me lose weight.’ 

 Her husband and son backed her decision  and in September 2015 she had the op dramatically reducing what she could eat.

By February 2016 she had lost 7 stone. The improvement to her health was amazing – but Su was still having to hide her body in baggy clothes because of the excess skin.

Gaining and losing weight so quickly coupled with the scars from her cancer op meant her skin hung and sagged from her body and she knew no amount of exercise would remove it. 

She dreamed of wearing a bikini again and renewing her wedding vows somewhere hot and sunny so she knew the skin had to go…

So Su blew the last of her savings on a £5,000 tummy tuck in February last year.

It meant she had spent £16,000 on her bikini body.

But she says it was worth every single penny to be able to slip into a bikini again aged 44 – and most importantly stick two fingers up to cancer. 

She is now a size 10 weighing 10 stone and boasts a wardrobe full of bright bikinis – proof that she is finally living again at last.

She said: ‘ I won the battle for my life but I couldn’t live it because of the body I had been left with.

‘I was wasting it so I knew I had to do something. I spent every penny I had but it was worth it to be able to live my life and I feel amazing.

‘I’m proud of my body and what it has been through and survived.

‘To be back in a bikini and seizing every moment is like sticking two fingers up at the cancer that tied to take my life. ‘