Thanks Dad! Woman sheds HALF her body weight after her father promised to pay for a £4,000 boob job if she reached her target From slipping into a bikini to pulling on your dream wedding dress, losing weight is easy when you’ve got a goal in mind. But for full-time mother, Georgina Baird, 26, from Southampton, it was the promise of a boob job that helped her shed more than half her body weight. 5ft 1″ Mrs Baird, who had been a morbidly obese 17st 8lb and a size 20, is now a svelte size 8 and weighs just 8st. Mrs Baird had tried scores of different diets, all with little success, before her concerned father Simon Clayton, 56, hit upon the idea of offering to pay for breast enhancement if she managed to lose weight. ‘It was such a kind gesture,’ reveals a thrilled Mrs Baird. ‘Dad just wanted to see me healthy but he knew I never managed to stick to the diets for long and so he offered me the surgery as a prize because he knew it would keep me motivated. ‘I can’t thank him enough because not only did it mean I finally lost the weight, but I’m also confident with my bust too. ‘For the first time ever I finally like what I see in the mirror and I can’t thank my dad enough because there is no greater prize than health and happiness.’ Mrs Baird’s battle with her weight began when she was 20 following the birth of her second son Oliver, now six. Already a mother to Louis, now eight, she succumbed to severe postnatal depression and her weight rocketed. ‘I’d always been about a size 12 but after having Oliver, instead of getting smaller, I just got bigger and bigger,’ explains Mrs Baird. Despite vowing to lose the four stone she’d gained during the pregnancy, after the birth she quickly gained another three thanks to her penchant for chocolate and fizzy drinks. ‘I was diagnosed with PND and turned to chocolate and sugary drinks to try and give myself a quick boost of energy because I felt so lethargic all the time,’ she reveals. ‘I was soon trapped in a vicious cycle and because I hated the way I looked so much I binged on more sweets and chocolate to feel better.’ When her relationship with the children’s father ended, she grew even more depressed and began to see food as a crutch. ‘I’m so short that I looked like a cannon ball,’ she remembers. ‘All the weight seemed to go to my stomach.’ So pronounced was her tummy, Mrs Baird regularly found herself being asked, much to her embarrassment, whether she was pregnant again. ‘A friend pointed to me tummy and asked when I was due,’ she remembers. ‘I just shook my head and made a joke of it. It wasn’t her fault. ‘I was so fat I did look pregnant. I think she was more embarrassed than me.’ Mrs Baird’s weight peaked at 17st 8lbs, 18 months after her son was born, but at just 5ft 1ins tall, she soon began to suffer pins and needles in her hands and feet – a consequence, her doctor told her, of being morbidly obese. ‘I’d buried my head in the sand,’ says Mrs Baird. ‘I had no idea I had gotten that big – I had been kidding myself because it was easier not to face the truth. Now it was beginning to have an impact on my health.’ And Mrs Baird wasn’t the only one to worry. Her father Simon Clayton, the manager of a chemical plant, was also concerned. ‘I knew Dad was worried about me,’ remembers Mrs Baird. ‘He had been dropped gentle hints about me losing weight but only because he wanted me to be healthy. ‘He was worried about me and he knew I would never be happy again unless I lost weight.’ Despite trying a litany of different diets, Mrs Baird’s weight problems continued. Compounding her misery was the fact that when she did lose a few pounds, they always seemed to go from her bust. ‘One day I was moaning to my sisters about the fact that the only part of me that looked OK was my bust and that if I lost weight it would be the first thing to go,’ says Mrs Baird. ‘Dad overheard and promised that if I did lose all the weight he would pay for surgery on my bust. It meant I had no excuse anymore.’ Excited at the prospect to surgery, Mrs Baird swung into action, swapping unhealthy takeaways for grilled meat and salad, while fizzy drinks were exchanged for water and green tea. ‘Dad assured me he meant what he had said and that really kept me motivated,’ says Mrs Baird. ‘It almost felt like a competition because there was such a wonderful prize in sight. ‘Dad knew as a mother of three I could never afford surgery myself.’ She had already shrunk to a size 14 when she met her now husband Elliot, 31, a landscape gardener, in 2010 and continued to follow her healthy eating plan when she became pregnant with her youngest son Finley, now three. ‘Obviously I gained baby weight but because I was losing fat through healthy eating, one balanced out the other,’ says Mrs Baird. ‘My GP monitored me throughout and was perfectly happy there was no risk at all to my baby.’ After the birth, she began running three times a week and working out at the gym. And when she married in September 2012 in Mexico, she was a slender size 8. But much to her horror, her once voluptuous bust had shrunk to a tiny 32AA. ‘I hated them,’ adds Mrs Baird. ‘I even had special cups fitted into the dress to try and add some shape.’ By June 2013, Mrs Baird hit her target weight of 8st and was duly given her reward, having surgery at the Transform clinic in London the same month. ‘It had been a long process to lose the weight so I’d had plenty of time to research the procedure and it’s not a decision I took lightly,’ she explains. ‘Losing the weight had left me with nothing at all. I just wanted to look natural.’ Her £3,995 prize increased her assets to a 32DD and father Simon says it was worth every penny to finally see his daughter happy and more importantly healthy again. ‘Dad raised my three siblings and me by himself so we were already very close but what he has done means the world to me,’ adds Mrs Baird. ‘I definitely have the best dad in the world.’ For more information about Transform visit Transform Cosmetic Surgery, see or call  0800 655 6406.