A BRIDE has told how botched cosmetic surgery when she was younger left her on the verge of cancelling her wedding day. Clare Morgan, 34, from Liverpool, says she couldn’t face walking down the aisle after a nose job when she was younger went wrong leaving her feeling more like a boxer than a bride. Two correction surgeries had failed leaving Mrs Morgan’s nose too weak to operate on again. So she had to live with the fact that her nose looked WORSE than it had before the operation. But things came to a head when she got engaged and started planning her wedding to husband Ryan. Unable to face the thought of walking down the aisle with all eyes on her side profile she was on the verge of cancelling the big day. The thought of posing for photographs was unimaginable. But thanks to revolutionary treatment with Transform to correct the shape of her nose using fillers, she was finally able to walk down the aisle with a smile on her face feeling like a bride and not a boxer. Mother of one Mrs Morgan, 34, from Liverpool, said: ‘There was no way I could have married with my nose the way it was. It looked awful and I was far too self- conscious about it.’I felt I looked like a a boxer with an odd shaped nose after too many fights.’At one point I thought I would have to cancel the wedding but thank goodness the new surgery worked and my nose looked normal again just in time. ‘It’s taken four procedures but I’m finally happy with the way it looks.’ Mrs Morgan’s confidence had been left shattered by years of bullying over her nose. Nicknamed Big Bird after the character in Sesame Street she avoided being pictured side on and longed for the day she could afford cosmetic surgery. That day finally came when aged 25 she gained access to an inheritance held in trust since she was eight. At £3500 it was just enough for a nose job. At a consultation in March 2005 she met a surgeon who agreed to straighten the nose and remove the bump. Ms Morgan was shown a Photoshopped image of how she would look post surgery. She underwent the procedure in May 2005 but it was another two weeks before she got to see the result. Mrs Morgan says: ‘ I was horrified. It looked like someone had stuck half a sausage on my face. I hated it.’ Her surgeon assured her it would settle in time. But just one month later she noticed the bridge of her nose was getting wider. In March 2006 her surgeon confirmed that the bone down the centre of her nose hadn’t fused properly and was in fact separating. He offered to perform corrective surgery but once again Ms Morgan was disappointed with the results. She says: ‘I couldn’t see any improvement to the bridge and the tip and nostrils looked strangely pointed. ‘I knew it looked worse than it had before and my confidence plummeted.’ Months later she agreed to a holiday with friends and met future husband Ryan in September 2006. ‘I immediately told him I’d had surgery that had gone wrong and wanted to get it sorted. He told me I looked great but I knew I wouldn’t be happy unless it was fixed.’ In December 2006 her surgeon agreed to break and resent her nose for a second time. Two weeks later she was horrified to see the bridge now appeared too small for the tip. She parted ways with the surgeon and instead went to her GP but after three failed operations he warned her it was unlikely she would find anyone to operate. Mrs Morgan had no choice but to resort to make up techniques to try and disguise her nose. She says: ‘ I tried to focus on my future and forget about it but it still affected my confidence every day and I avoided cameras as much as I could.’ In 2010 her partner proposed and soon after the couple had their first baby, a son James born in June 2011. It was then the couple decided to set a date – August 20. Mrs Morgan says: ‘ It was only after I had booked a venue and paid the deposit that I started thinking about wedding photography. ‘I started to panic about my nose and trying to think of ways around the problem.’ Mrs Morgan even considered banning cameras from the wedding. She says: ‘ I thought if we could just have the professional photographer than then there was no risk of anyone taking a side profile picture of me. ‘I knew I’d sound awful and ridiculous though. I even considered photo-shopping all the wedding pictures or cancelling it all together.’ But while researching botched nose jobs online she stumbled across a new treatment that reshaped noses using fillers. The only trouble was the clinic was in LA. So Mrs Morgan started searching for a clinic in the UK and found Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group. With just 16 weeks before her big day she contacted them. In May 20 she was a consultant who agreed her nose job was the worst he had ever seen. He was confident that he could use an injectable solution to restore the shape before the wedding. On July 2nd after the first round of fillers she burst into tears of joy. She says: ‘ I finally looked like I had a normal nose. It was how I wanted to look after the first operation all those years back.’ Two weeks later after another procedure she was finally ready for her big day. She says: ‘ I felt amazing in my dress. As the photographer clicked away I enjoyed every minute. ‘I felt like a real bride and not a boxer.’ Mrs Morgan is now due to have another round of fillers with Transform. She is sharing her story to make others aware of the procedure. She added: ‘ If only I’d known about it before I wouldn’t have wasted so many years hating my appearance.’ Annemarie Gillett, Non Surgical Director from Transform commented: ‘Non surgical nose jobs are becoming increasingly popular with patients who aren’t quite ready for a surgical procedure for a variety of reasons. For some, they just don’t have the finances and for others, they’re unsure about having a surgical procedure and welcome a temporary solution where they can see what kind of result they can expect.brbrMany of the patients we do see for this procedure do end up having a surgical nose job later on down the line. ‘We have also worked with and helped patients, such as Clare Morgan, who are unable to have surgery due to previous procedures, to achieve great results. For someone like Clare, you can’t underestimate how much a treatment like this, can improve the quality of their lives. ‘Rhinoplasty – surgical or non surgical, is one of the most life changing procedures we undertake here at Transform. ‘In terms of the procedure itself, it can be uncomfortable for some but the results are pretty immediate and patients are generally overwhelmed with the results. Anyone thinking of having this treatment, needs to ensure that they are consulted by a fully qualified, skilled and experienced practitioner who uses lisenced and high quality products – the final results of the treatment are wholly dependent on the practitioner and product used. ‘Dermal filler is injected into parts of the nose to ‘fill out’ certain areas, so it all depends on what the patient’s concerns are with their nose as to whether they are suitable candidate for this type of treatment. Results can last between 6- months, dependent on the patient and the type of product used.’ ENDS