A MODEL ditched her career to become the perfect traditional wife to her Turkish lover – only to find he already had one. Sophie Birch, 21, of Oldham, gave up photoshoots and catwalk shows when the fiancé she had met on holiday branded her blossoming career “disrespectful”. And when Sabri Tasken, 26, announced he wanted them to wed, the smitten beauty began wearing long frumpy dresses to please him. She even dropped her old friends at his bidding. Then when he pleaded with her to try for a baby, she agreed. But when she was ten weeks pregnant she learned he had had a wife all along during their YEARS of courtship. Tragically, she then miscarried the baby — and believes the shock of her discovery was the cause. Sophie says: “I felt such a fool.” Sophie says: “Don’t make the same mistake as me. “I want to get my old life back. I should never have given it up.” Sophie was 19 when she started dating barman Sabri, then 24, in Altinkum in 2011. But she had already known the handsome charmer as a friend for three years, as her uncle owned a holiday apartment near his bar. Sophie says: “He had become a friend of the family and everyone thought they could trust him. “He took such good care of us and showered me with compliments all the time. “I saw the way British girls fell for the local men only to be taken for fools. But I thought that he was different.” On one trip she arranged to meet Sabri to play pool in the bar. She says: “There was so much tension between us. When he beckoned me over and asked me to kiss him I finally caved in. “He told me he had been dreaming of that moment for years.” For the rest of Sophie’s holiday they were inseparable. Sabri told Sophie he didn’t want to make love straight away because he was a traditional boy. She says: “That made me trust him even more. He was such a gentleman and so romantic. “When he told me he loved me, I didn’t hesitate to tell him I loved him too.” When Sophie returned to Oldham they spoke on Skype every day and she announced she would use modelling cash to fly back soon. At that point Sabri went quiet. She says: “He said as we were a couple now it was disrespectful to him to let other men take pictures of me.” At first, she was reluctant to stop modelling but Sabri made it clear there was no future for them unless she quit. Sophie says: “I understood it was his culture and I wanted to show him I was serious, so eventually I agreed not to do any more shoots.” Instead, she took on more hours behind the till at Asda to help pay for travel costs to see her man. But soon he was making other demands too. She recalls: “He didn’t like me going out drinking with the girls. He said if I was serious about us I would stop going out without him.” Sophie started making excuses to her mates who were not impressed. She says: “They told me to ignore him but I thought they didn’t understand Turkish life. “I thought we had a future together so I wanted to show him I respected Turkish culture.” But next time she visited Sabri three months later, he also asked her to stop drinking alcohol. She says: “He said it was important that I acted like the other wives who did not drink. I was annoyed but agreed.” It was on that trip that they finally made love for the first time and when Sabri later started talking about marriage, Sophie felt sure she had done the right thing. Next he questioned the way she dressed so she also ditched short skirts and revealing tops. Sophie says: “Suddenly he wanted me covered up in long tunics and leggings.” When she flew back to visit him in May 2013 he even wrapped a scarf around her head to make her look more like a local woman. Sophie says: “He loved it so much, he took a picture.” On her 21st birthday months later in October 2013, Sophie again flew to Turkey to be with him. Sabri had booked them into a swanky hotel and surprised Sophie by suggesting they stop using contraception and try for a baby. She says: “I asked him if he was sure and he said, ‘Yes — you are Mummy and I am Daddy’. “I was thrilled. It was like the best birthday gift ever, starting a family with the man I loved.” Weeks later, home in Oldham, Sophie learned she was pregnant. When she told Sabri on the phone he was going to be a daddy he cheered with joy and vowed to tell his family so they could wed. But days later Sabri suddenly stopped replying to her emails and messages and calls went straight to his answerphone. He also disappeared from Facebook. Sophie says: “I was pregnant with his baby but I couldn’t reach him — I didn’t know what was going on. I thought he might have been hurt.” Frantic, she tracked down his brother on Facebook and sent him a message saying she was pregnant with Sabri’s baby and was desperate to talk to him. She received a reply telling her Sabri was already married and to leave him alone. Sophie says: “I was so shocked I couldn’t speak.” After that, all contact ended but still Sophie treasured the idea of becoming a mum. She says: “I wanted our baby with or without Sabri.” However, four months into the pregnancy she miscarried. She says: “It was awful. I think it was due to the stress and upset. I’d hit rock bottom.” Five months later, Sophie is determined to move on with her life. She says: “I’ve started modelling again and I’m having fun going out with my friends. “I only wish I never gave it all up in the first place. Meanwhile, heartless Sabri told The Sun: “Sophie was just a holiday romance. “She knew I would never marry an English girl. Our cultures are very different. It would not work and I told her that from day one. “I never loved her. I used to like her but not now.” Ends.