British mum who’s twins died eight days apart is smiling again after giving birth to healthy son.

A MOTHER who’s twin sons died just EIGHT days apart is smiling again after giving birth to a healthy baby boy.
She says the tot is helping to mend her broken heart after she lost both her identical twin sons in just over a week.
Sabrina only got to hold Lincoln and Hunter once – to say hello and goodbye.
Lincoln died just 12 hours after being born Sabrina switched the machines off after being told he was suffering.
His twin brother Hunter had been thriving, but took a turn for the worst after Lincoln died.

Mum Sabrina felt her sons wanted to be together so made the heart wrenching decision to switch off Hunter’s machines so he could join his twin.
Had Hunter clung on any longer he would not have been able to be buried with his brother.

He died in his mum’s arms as she whispered hello and goodbye to him.
His sudden decline and death meant he could be buried with his twin – reuniting them for the first time since they were born.
Mum dressed them in their matching clothes and said goodbye in a joint ceremony – something she says gave her great comfort.
The pain of losing both her sons was unbearable but just months later she was pregnant again – a rainbow baby sent from heaven.
Her son Lawson is now a healthy 16 week old and plays regularly at his brother’s resting place.
Sabrina said: ‘ To lose two sons in eight days is unthinkable but I knew they had to be together. They were identical and they could not live apart. It gave me comfort knowing they were together. Hunter was doing so well but I understand now that he just had to be with Lincoln.
‘They sent me this baby to make me smile again.’
It all started when Sabrina’s twins were born prematurely and fighting for life. Tiny Lincoln at just 375 grams was critical, but for his bigger stronger twin brother Hunter there was hope.
Sabrina, 30, had delivered the identical twins by emergency section at 25 weeks and both had been rushed to NICU and ventilated to help them breath.
Just 12 hours later tiny Lincoln took a turn for he worst and doctors asked Sabrina to think about turning off the machines keeping her son alive.
She agreed she did not want him to suffer and held him for the first time to say hello and goodbye.
He died in her arms but meanwhile across the ward his twin Hunter was fighting on. In between arranging her son’s funeral, she kept vigil over his brother who doctors said had a good chance of surviving.
But despite their hope, Sabrina couldn’t help wondering how little Hunter could live without the identical twin he had shared her womb with.
She tried to bury her fears and focus on the doctor’s hope that Hunter would soon be able to come off the ventilator and breath unaided.
But she couldn’t help asking the funeral director looking after Lincoln if anything happened to Hunter, would they be able to share a coffin.
He said it would only be possible for the next few days, as little Lincoln had to be prepared for burial.
And Hunter was getting stronger so mum Sabrina and her partner went ahead and arranged Lincolns funeral for a week’s time.
But just eight days after Lincoln died – and one day before his coffin was to be sealed – they got a call telling them Hunter had taken a bad turn, they needed to get to the hospital fast.
He’d stopped responding to the treatment and medics feared he was beginning to suffer.
For the second time in just over a week mum Sabrina had to make the heart breaking decision to switch off another son’s machine.
Just as she had with Lincoln, Sabrina was able to hold Hunter for the first time, to whisper hello and goodbye.
She told him it was ok for him to go and play with his identical twin in heaven, knowing deep down that’s what he wanted. – after all he died just in the nick of time to be able to share a burial with his twin.
He died at nine days old, just eight days after his twin.
She was able to spend a night with him, just as she had Lincoln, before their bodies were placed together side by side.
In the mortuary for the first time ever Sabrina got to see her twins cuddled together.
She knew then for sure that Hunter was never going to stay on earth without his identical twin and that he had thrived just to give her time to say goodbye to Lincoln, before joining him so they could play together for an eternity in heaven.
She dressed them in matching baby grows and have them matching blankets and hats.
Her only comfort through the grief was that her twins were together as nature had intended. One simply couldn’t be without the other and had to accept that.
At their joint funeral two identical white doves were released.
Just months later Sabrina felt a desperate urge to fill her empty arms and within weeks her dream had come true – she was pregnant again.
Her rainbow baby is now four months old and she regularly takes him to play at the twins’ resting place.
She said: ‘  To lose two children in nine days is heartbreaking but I know they were always going to be together no matter what.
‘I am grateful that Hunter thrived to give me time with Lincoln. Hunter had been doing so well but died just in time to get buried with his brother. If he’d lived any longer they would have been separated and I see now that unbreakable bond meant that could not happen.
‘I will always miss my twins but am grateful for the baby they sent me from heaven and love to think of them playing together just like twins should.
‘And my rainbow baby makes me smile every day. Thank you boys.’