Version:1.0 The teenager who asked her boyfriend to make her pregnant just nine weeks after they met – but wants people to read their story and know why before judging…

Keira didn’t hold much hope of finding love. She was 19 and 24 weeks pregnant by an ex.
It hadn’t been planned and now it felt like she’d be alone forever.
Only then she got chatting to 20 -year -old Jake and to her surprise love bloomed.
Within weeks the pair had fallen in love and Jake had vowed to help bring up her unborn baby boy as his own.
Keira couldn’t have been happier. Only then at 27 weeks she began to feel unwell.
When pain started she rushed to hospital and devastatingly checks found her baby’s heart had stopped.
She had also gone into labour. She was distraught and called the one person she needed – Jake. She had only known him three weeks but kind Jake was by her side when her baby son Rogan was born sleeping.
He looked like an angel.
Jake stayed with her as she said goodbye to her son who was placed in a cuddle cot overnight so they could spend extra time together.
He then helped her to plan a funeral fit for a prince. It felt like Rogan had gone, and all their hopes for their happy life together too.
The young couple – together for just six weeks at that point  – had been through more than some couples face in a life time.
Jake continued to support Keira when a postmortem revealed her baby had died because of a blood clot that had restricted flow to the placenta.  She had also been suffering pre eclampisa.
As she agonized over whether ore could have been done, Jake was there for her.
But there was only one thing that could help to heal her now – another baby.
She had been ready to be a mum – to be part of a family – and now her arms ached to hold that child.
So she told Jake. At first he was shocked. They had only been together nine weeks and she was telling him she wanted his baby. But during that time she had seen that he would make a perfect father – just as he would have been to Rogan had he lived.
Keira was Jake’s first ever girlfriend but he knew he loved her beyond words and they were meant to be.
So he agreed and nice weeks after meeting the couple started trying for a baby. Just two months later Keira was pregnant and delighted. Weeks later Jake proposed and pregnant Kiera accepted.
It was an anxious pregnancy but Jake was incredible, moving them into a home and making sure little Rogan’s ashes took ride of place.
He got the nursery ready and then when it was time he was at Keira’s side when she was induced and gave birth to their perfectly healthy daughter.
The first thing Keira asked was : ‘ Is she alive? And Jake handed her their gorgeous little girl.
That was ten months ago and the young couple reamain blissfully happy and looking forward to the rest of their lives together.
Jake words hard as a painter to support them and Keira is a full time mum.
Keira said: ‘ We’ve done it all back to front, we started with a funeral, then a baby and then engagement. It’s not been easy but Jake has been my rock and I love him so much.
‘We might be young but we’ve been through a lot and now we’ve never been happier.
‘It might sound crazy to plan a baby with a man I had only known nine weeks but we’d already been through a lifetime in those weeks and I knew he was the one.’
Jake said: ‘ I love her beyond words. Seeing how she coped with losing Rogan made me see just how incredible she is and I knew she would make the best mum. I was right and we have proved people wrong.
‘Keira asked me to have a baby with her just nine weeks after we met but our daughter is almost one now and we can’t wait to get married and have more children.’
The couple now 21 and 22 are now raising money for their local hospital to buy cuddle cots so grieving parents can spend longer with their babies.