I contacted Photo-Features when I was trying to publish my weight loss story to help inspire other women. After trying a few other companies, I finally found Kelly .

She was such a support, she talked me through the whole process and made sure I understood everything at all times. She wasn’t just a publicist, she was so much more, even helping me deal with the personal issues behind the story I wanted to tell.

Her compassion, sincerity and professional attitude was amazing. She really is made for this and just by telling her my story I feel so much better.  I don’t think anyone but Kelly could have done that.

If anyone is thinking about telling their story Kelly and her team do make it easy. I fully recommend Photo-Features and I am so grateful I contacted them. Thank you Photo-Features and thank you Kelly !!!

Jane appeared in Woman magazine, Mail Online and Daily Mirror. Her story will soon appear in Reveal magazine too.

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