Financial advisor left devastated by string of humiliating gaffs blows £5500 on facelift and is planning more surgery to ensure she is never mistaken for toy boys mother again.

She had suffered the humiliation of being mistaken for her lover’s mother time and time again when Alison Kemp decided she could take no more.

The 57- year- old spent £5,500 on a facelift and upper and lower eye surgery to ensure nobody ever made the same embarrassing mistake again.

Now the financial advisor from Leedstown, Cornwall is planning more surgery to keep her looking as fresh faced as her partner Michael who is eight years her junior.

Alison said: ‘ There is nothing more embarrassing or hurtful than being mistaken for your partner’s mother. I’m not a vain person but it left me utterly distraught and destroyed my confidence.

‘ It was so humiliating and hurtful that I even considered ending my relationship because I couldn’t face the thought of it keep happening. But Mike is wonderful so I instead I decided to get rid of the lines and jowls and it was the best thing I ever did.

‘Since having the surgery some people have assumed I’m younger than him which is quite funny and certainly a compliment. But I don’t want to risk ever being mistaken for his mother again so I’m planning more surgery just to be sure.’

Alison says she first noticed her skin aging prematurely in her thirties.

She said: ‘ My cheeks were sagging and I already had lots of lines but I didn’t worry about them. I’ve always been an outdoors person and never cared too much for my appearance.’

She met Mike soon after through friends. ‘ The eight year age gap didn’t bother me at all. He was great fun and that’s all I thought about. We didn’t notice an age gap and neither I thought did other people.’

It was only as the years passed that Alison thinks the age gap began to show.

She was just 42 when the first incident came during a hotel break.

‘We’d had a lovely evening and started chatting to another couple at the bar. When I mentioned feeling peckish they asked Mike if he and his mum wanted to join them.

‘It took a few seconds to realise they were talking about me. I’d was gobsmacked and quickly made my excuses and fled back to our room in tears.

‘It ruined our weekend away but I hoped it was just a one off and tried to forget about it.’

Only a year on the couple were enjoying a night out in a bar struggling to get served when another drinker stood aside and kindly offered Mike the space for his mother, pointing to humiliated Alison.

She says: ‘I couldn’t believe it had happened again. We both just smiled and went along with it to save any further embarrassment but of course inside I was devastated.’

Mike did his best to assure Alison he found her as desirable and attractive as he had always done.

But her confidence was crumbling.

‘My job means I attend lots of meetings and I started to take more time with my hair and make up. But it never made any difference.’

More humiliation followed when Alison joined Mike for a works night out, only for a colleague to ask who had brought their mother along?

Alison says: ‘ This time Mike jumped to my defence and demanded an apology but it was too late, the damage was done and I left in tears.’

‘We’d always had such a wonderful relationship but I even considered ending it because I couldn’t face the humiliation of people mistaking me for his mum.’

But there was more shame in store for Alison when the couple dined out and she dropped something under her table only for a waitress to ask Mike if his mum needed any help.

‘I didn’t quite hear when she had said at first because I was fumbling under the table for my keys, but I could see from Mike’s face something had bothered him.

‘I insisted he tell me and eventually he admitted that I had been mistaken for his mother again. It was the final straw.

‘I felt young inside but clearly the outside didn’t match. I decided to look into cosmetic surgery.’

Weeks on in 2009 she booked a full facelift with upper and lower eye surgery in Cyprus costing £5,500.

When I left for the airport Mike admitted he was worried he wouldn’t recognise me when I came back.

‘I told him I hoped he didn’t or it would have been a waste of money.’

Days after arriving with a friend for moral support she underwent the four hour operation.

‘I looked like I had been run over by a bus when I came round but it didn’t really hurt and just hours after coming round I was sitting on my balcony having a gin and tonic, it was wonderful,’ she says.

As soon as the swelling started to reside Alison says she noticed a huge difference.

A week later in April 2010 she flew home after having her hair restyled and coloured and having Botox and fillers to smooth out the remaining lines.

‘Mike told me I looked fantastic and for the first time ever I believed him,’ she says.

‘I know he’s always loved me but my improved confidence has definitely improved our relationship.

Last year Alison saw a British surgeon for more Botox and fillers and is now planning a second facelift.

Though she has not been mistaken for Mike’s mother since her surgery Alison is determined to prevent it ever happening again by having another facelift.

‘I think of myself like a car, I need regular maintenance so am planning another procedure soon. Mike supports me, he just wants me to be happy.

‘I’m 57 but I’m often mistaken for someone in their forties. It certainly beats being mistaken for your partner’s mother.’