WITH a receding hairline, glasses and a buss pass, Gary Crowe, 34, may not have looked like Superman.
But besotted Charlie Crowe, 27, knew she had met her own real life Superhero when cagoule wearing Gary flew to her rescue when she had a meltdown on a packed bus.
She fell head over heels in love with her ‘hero’ so when the couple wed proud Gary donned full Superman outfit to say ‘I do’ to his bride.
Their superhero wedding cost less than £300 but Charlie says marrying Superman Gary, who is registered disabled with severe epilepsy, was the best day of her life.
Charlie, who styled her own dress on Wonderwoman and was attended by a Supergirl bridesmaid said: ‘ He might not look like a hero but he’s Superman to me.
‘I knew when he came to my rescue on the bus that day that there was something special about Gary. He is the most caring kindest man you can meet and when I walked down the aisle to marry Superman I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I’m thrilled now he’s mine to keep.’
The couple met when frazzled single mum Charlie from Norwich lifted her newborn daughter’s pram onto the bus after a shopping trip, only for it to collapse.
Charlie explains: ‘ I was exhausted from the night feeds, soaking wet with the rain and had the buggy loaded with food shopping bags.
‘The bus was late and Summer had been screaming for her feed so when the buggy collapsed as we got on it was the final straw,’
Thankfully, her baby was OK, but Charlie’s tins of food and cartons of milk were sent rolling around the aisles and she burst into tears.
That’s when she saw anorak clad Gary pushing through the crowd of passengers holding two escaped bean cans.
He gave Charlie and her baby his seat while he collected up the rest of her escaped dinner.
She said: ‘ I was a mess, I was soaked, with a screaming baby and huge puffy eyes from crying, hardly what you might call a catch. But Gary sat with me and calmed me down and before I knew it I was pouring it all out to him and crying on his shoulder.
‘He sat and listened and before I knew it I was laughing and then when it was my stop Gary offered to help me with the buggy and all the shopping to make sure I got home safely.’
After walking her home he admitted that the bus had passed his stop ages ago but that he wanted to make sure he was ok.
Charlie said: ‘ Hero’s come in all packages and I knew then I had met mine. I was overwhelmed that somebody could be so sweet and thoughtful. ‘
She invited him to join her and some friends at the pub a few days later to say thank you.
Soon the couple were dating and Gary, revealed his passion for comics and Superhero figures. Charlie said: ‘ I laughed because to me he was a Superhero.’
Four months later they moved in together and on Valentines Day 2013 Gary proposed with a diamond ring.
He’d sold some of his treasured comics and figures to pay for it.
But wedding plans went on hold when Charlie found out she was pregnant with their daughter Lillie, now two.
So with a budget of just £300 they began planning their wedding for April this year and naturally Charlie was delighted when Gary agreed to dress as Superman.
His 11- year -old daughter by an ex wore a Supergirl outfit to be their bridesmaid and Charlie accessorized her £24 wedding dress with Wonderwoman boots and bag.
They splashed out on a Superhero cake topper and caught the bus to their ceremony, which was free with Gary’s disability bus pass.
Charlie said: ‘ People looked shocked when they saw Superman walking with his bride but I felt on top of the world.’