My Boyfriend went from fatty to fitty while I was on holiday

TEARS rolled down my face as I planted another soggy kiss on my boyfriend’s chubby cheek.

Saying goodbye before my holiday was much harder then I’d imagined it would be. But then this was no ordinary holiday.

In the morning I was flying to Ecuador, in South America. Away for almost three months, I was going to miss my boyfriend of five years Stuart Vaughn like mad.

And at almost 25 stone, there was a lot of him to miss.

‘I’ll call as often as I can,’ I sniffed, prizing myself out of his giant hug for the final time.

But the truth was the villages I’d be visiting were pretty remote and there was unlikely to be any connection.

I’d been so excited about talking a gap year between studies after finishing my degree in marketing at university. But right now I wanted nothing more than to stay cuddled up with my Big Stu forever.

You see he wasn’t just my boyfriend, but my best friend too.

We’d met when I’d joined the sixth form college where Stuart was already studying.

Being the new girl in town wasn’t easy, but kind and caring, Stuart had taken me under his wing.

Known as Big Stu, he was one of the most popular guys in college and it wasn’t hard to see why. With his larger than life personality he was great fun to be around and good looking too.

Within weeks we became a couple. Weighing almost 21 stone, his size didn’t bother me at all and it didn’t seem to bother him either. It was just part of who he was.

Only as the months turned into years Stuart’s weight began to creep up. ‘I don’t get it,’ he shrugged, ‘ I don’t even eat that much.’

I had to agree. We’d met for lunch at college most days and he always had a sandwich or roll and a soup like me. I assumed his weight must be genetic.

I’ve always been sporty and tried to encourage Stuart to come running with me, but he wasn’t interested.

It wasn’t that I wanted him to lose weight; I loved him as he was, I just wanted him to be healthy.

So when in January 2012 weeks before I left for South America, Stuart mentioned going on a diet again, I didn’t think much about it.

Since we’d been together Stuart had tried lots of diets, but never managed to stick to any.

And soon we were saying that tearful goodbye.

After two flights I arrived in Ecuador where I was devastated to learn the mobile I had taken with me didn’t work.

It meant I would only be able to call or email Stuart when I went into the capitol.

It was hard, but I threw myself into the volunteer work I’d signed up for teaching English to local kids and helping in an animal rescue centre.

It was several weeks before I managed to speak to Stuart. ‘ I’m missing you so much, ‘ I told him, filling him in on everything I’d been doing.

‘How’s the diet going babe?’ I asked him. ‘Oh I’ve given up,’ he sighed before steering the conversation back to me again.

As the end of my trip drew nearer I started to picture being reunited with Stuart at the airport.

After nearly three months apart I couldn’t wait to launch myself into his big strong arms and bury myself in his cuddly chest.

‘It’ll be like a scene out of a film,’ I laughed during our final call before flying home.

Only as I stumbled out into arrivals bleary eyed after my two- day trip I scanned the sea of faces. I immediately spotted my sister waving a sign with my name on, and next to her my step mum. But there was no sign of Stuart.

Only then I did a double take. Was my tired mind playing tricks ? The guy stood with my family looked like Stuart, only it couldn’t be him…

Dazed and confused I looked away trying to get my head around what was going on ? After three months away I was desperate to see my boyfriend only this guy looked like a thinner imposter. This wasn’t the reunion I’d imagined at all.

Stuart’s face fell as he saw the confusion on mine.

‘You look so different, I wasn’t expecting this, ‘ I stammered taking in his trendy new outfit, denim shirt and chinos. Even his hair was different. There was no sign of the Stuart I’d left behind.

Only in the car on the way back to my house, out of sheer exhaustion I rested my head on his lap. As he gently stroked the back of my head, it started to feel like the old Stuart was back.

‘I’ve missed you so much,’ I said as we perched on the edge of my bed at home still struggling to take in this super fit handsome guy was really my boyfriend.

‘I’m sorry about my reaction at the airport, I was shocked, I felt like I didn’t know you because you looked so different.’

Stuart smiled. I thought he was good looking before, but now he looked drop dead gorgeous. ‘ I wanted to surprise you by losing weight while you were away.

‘Being apart made me realised how much I love you and you deserve a healthy fit boyfriend.’

I sat in shock. Stuart had lost all that weight for me.

I couldn’t believe he had found the willpower to stick to a diet at last but Stuart explained that wanting to surprise me had helped him stick to a plan.

Finally he admitted that as well as the healthy meals he ate in front of me, he’d been binge eating in secret too, scoffing multi-pack bags of crisps and kitkats after college and sneaky take outs late at night. ‘ I could eat 14 packets of crisps and eight kitkats in on go,’ he explained.

‘I had no idea,’ I gasped, still struggling to take in how gorgeous he looked.

As the weeks followed I wondered if Stuart would fall off the wagon now I was back home, but he stuck to his diet and started working out too. Soon he’d lost even more weight.

‘You have an amazing body, I told him proudly a few months later,

I don’t even mind when other women eye him up , I can hardly blame them after all.

The only downside is Stuart is now fitter than me and always beats me when we go running, but it’s a small price to pay to have such a gorgeous boyfriend.