A WOMAN biker has told how she had to swap her motorcycle for a mobility scooter after a vagina op ruined her life.
Nothing could come between Lizzy and her bike  – or so she thought. Being part of the biker community was her life.
But a quick procedure to cure stress incontinence destroyed everything.
With months of the op she’d been forced to swap her prized motorcycle for a mobility scooter.
Lizzy was devastated. Biking was in her blood but now instead of feeling the roar of her enging – all she felt was a constant roaring between her legs and it was agony…
Unable to walk because of the constant burning pain, once fit and active Lizzy who had only been married three years – was forced to give up work and her sex life.
But nobody connected her pain to the vagina op – especially as she was still stress incontinent.
She tried attending events in her scooter, but it was humiliating and a painful reminder of what she had lost.
Medics could find no cause at first.
But Lizzy, 54, couldn’t help thinking that it was after the vagina op that her life had started to crumble and she began to investigate.
She went on line and made a shocking discovery.
Thousands of women were taking legal action after the plastic mesh used to lift the bladder caused horrifying complications – like the ones Lizzy was suffering.
After more researched she was sure it was the vagina op that had destroyed her life, forcing her to sell her bike and leaving her disabled running her career and her marriage.
She and her husband had grown apart since their sex life had been destroyed.
Finally four years on her consultant agreed that it was likely the mesh causing the pain. It was finally removed on the NHS and Lizzy hopes her pain will improve.
It’s too early to know if she’ll ever be able to switch her mobility scooter for a motorbike.
So Lizzie has joined forces with 1000s of other women to campaign against the mesh being used in England.

It’s already been suspended in Scotland thanks to women like her.But for Lizzie her life has already been ruined.

She said: ‘ To go from motorbike to disability scooter in months is destroying. The op they said would change my life did, but not in the way I hoped.
‘My husband married a biker chick and ended up with someone unable to leave he house and I wish with all my heart I could go back and not have that op.
‘Then I’d be riding my motorbike and not this mobility scooter.’