Gill was happy to work with Photo-Features in order to get her sensitive real life story published. We firstly place it in The Sun followed up by Reveal magazine. Read Gill’s real life story below:

Being stabbed by hubby led to new body.

Desperately trying to hold her breath so her husband would think she was dead, Gill knew it was her only chance to survive.

She was in agony, having been stabbed in the back while brushing her teeth by her jealous and controlling husband Clive.

But Gill, 48, feared if she moved a muscle or cried in pain, Clive would finish the job and murder her in the family home while their kids sat downstairs.

Finally, thinking she was dead he ran off and Gill’s life was saved by her son who called 999. Clive was arrested and later convicted of attempted murder.

But despite him being behind bars, mum of four Gill struggled to get over the years of abuse – until she came up with a plan to re-invent herself.

She bought a whole new body and after splashing out £5000 on a tummy tuck and extensive liposuction, she finally feels ready to face the world a new woman.

‘It might not work for everyone, but it’s worked for me. I’ve drawn a line under that chapter and thanks to to the surgery I feel like a new person, a new me for a new start.’

Gill met Clive Gorman in 1984, age 22 and a single mum to two young kids, she was swept off her feet by the businessman who later went on to become a successful property developer.

They had two children together and Clive wanted Gill to be a stay at home mum.

‘Business was good so there was no need for me to work and I felt lucky to be home with the children,’ she says.

It was an enviable lifestyle with exotic holidays and sports cars.

Clive lavished his wife with gifts – but there was a high price to pay – her freedom.

Gill had to spend all her time with her husband.

‘We were madly in love so that wasn’t a problem and to start with I was flattered,’ she says.

But as the years passed Gill missed spending time with her family and friends.

If she tried to go out without him, Clive would fly into a jealous mood.

‘I knew it wasn’t healthy but by then I felt trapped. He controlled all the money and debit cards, I had nothing without him and he knew that,’ she says.

Gill would even have to ask Clive for cash to buy clothes for the children and pay for the weekly food shop.

‘It became normal to me and he’d cut me off from anyone who would have said otherwise.’

Depressed Gill turned to food for comfort. ‘I was always a size ten and I knew Clive liked a slim blonde on his arm. By putting on weight I was rebelling in the only way I could.’

Clive would often stay out drinking with clients, leaving Gill home alone with the fridge for company.

‘The worse it got the more I ate. I knew Clive was repulsed by my body which was by now a good size 14 to 16 and I was pleased it kept him at arms length.

But by 2004, having control over weight and making herself big wasn’t enough for Gill anymore, she wanted her life back.

‘I knew I needed an income to ever be able to leave so I told Clive I was going to get a job just for something to do.

But after she was offered a position in sales for a marketing company Clive flipped.

‘At first I refused to let me go but when I talked him round he started ringing my work place constantly, accusing me of sleeping with other members of staff. It was humiliating and frightening.

Eventually the stress became to much and Gill had to leave her job.

But it was the final straw she knew she had to escape the marriage. ‘ My children were older so it wouldn’t be so much of a strain for them, the time finally felt right to escape Clive once and for all.’

In February 2005 she told him their marriage was over. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I was shocked at what he did,’ she says.

Clive went berserk, screaming and running around the house, he went to the wardrobe and shredded all Gill’s clothes so she couldn’t leave the house.

Finally he ran off and Gill called the police. He was traced to a five star hotel but when police arrested him he claimed he’d taken an overdose.

Later in the cells he started foaming at the mouth was was rushed to hospital.

Gill says: ‘ His solicitor asked me not to press charges. I agreed because I thought that would be the end of it and he would leave me alone. I even felt sorry for him.

But after being discharged from hospital Clive went back to the family home and begged Gill to take him back, promising to change.

‘I thought the suicide attempt showed genuine remorse for the way he had treated me. I agreed to one last chance for the sake of the family.’

But Gill had started losing weight and was going out with friends, Clive simply couldn’t control his jealousy.

‘He said I was losing weight for other men which was not true. He couldn’t believe that a woman would want to look nice just for herself and became obsessed that I was having an affair.’

Five months on in July 2005 Gill was brushing her teeth in the bathroom when she felt a bang in her back.

At first there was no pain, but she was gasping for breath and didn’t know why. Then she was the pool of blood and Clive.

Realising she had been stabbed Gill started screaming. Reaching round she managed to pull the knife from her back, but Clive grabbed it and lunged at her again shouting ‘ I’m going to kill you, you’re going to die.’

‘I did not doubt that he meant every word. In that split second I knew the only way to save my life was to play dead so I slumped to the floor and held my breath hoping it would be enough.’

It worked and Clive ran off while Gill’s son called an ambulance.

She was rushed to hospital and immediately underwent a blood transfusion to replace what she had lost. Then a six hour op to repair her aorta and punctured lung.

‘The surgeon told me I had been very very lucky indeed. Clive had very nearly succeeded in killing me like he promised.’

Gill turned back to comfort eating as she prepared for the court case her weight ballooned again.

In Feb 2006 at Southampton Crown Court Clive was convicted of attempted murder  and sentenced to ten years in prison, to serve at least five.

But even with Clive behind bars moving on seemed impossible for Gill.

‘I had no confidence. I tried dieting, new hair cuts, new clothes, but nothing made me feel any better.

‘It was like Clive had won because I was no better off, my life had not got any better. Clive was in jail but it felt like I was too.’

So when her mum passed away last year Gill came up with the shock way of boosting her confidence with a view to getting her life back – plastic surgery using her inheritance to buy a new body.

She contacted a firm specializing in surgery holidays abroad with one goal in mind – to come back a new person physically and emotionally.

‘I booked in for a tummy tuck and extensive liposuction that would take me down several dress sizes. I was sick of waiting to be a new person, I wanted to get on with my new life without wasting another minute.

‘I knew mum would be pleased to see me taking positive steps and £5000 was a small price to pay to get my life back.

Now for the first time in my life I’m in control. I’m lighter than I have been in years but inside I’m stronger than ever.’

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