British woman speaks openly about the cruel mother who sold her for sex from the age as five.   A BRITISH woman who was sold for sex by her own mother has broken her silence on the horrific abuse she suffered to encourage victims to report sex crimes.   The 48-year old from South London who has chosen to remain anonymous was just five years old when she was betrayed by her mother in the most unspeakable way.   The youngster was sold to pedophiles for sex for £5.   For more than a decade she endured the horror of being raped by men arranged by own her mother in return for payment or free alcohol.   Even after being taken into care the abuse continued during weekend visits home and only stopped when terrified Claire* ran away for good.   She remained silent about the abuse for years but suffered a breakdown aged 41 after learning more about her mother’s deplorable crime.   But it was only after her cruel mother died that Claire felt brave enough to contact police and report what she had done.   But because her mother was dead no action could be taken and instead Claire decided to talk about her shocking experiences to help other abuse victims find a voice.   She said: ‘ When I heard my mother had died I actually laughed. That might sound awful but words cannot describe the hatred and fear I had for that woman after what she forced me to do.   ‘I remained frightened of her my whole life. I regret not reporting her while she was still alive because there can be no greater act of evil for a mother than to sell the body of her own daughter.   ‘But it was only when she died that I felt free. The police couldn’t do anything of course but it felt like a weight had gone just to report it.   ‘People think things like this don’t happen on our streets but I’m living proof and I want to use my story to save other children from a life like mine.’   Claire was just five years old when she remembers her mother taking her to a man for the first time. She had no idea of what was about to happen when her cruel mother ordered her to dress that day.   She says: ‘ I remember mum taking me to a block of flats and her knocking the door. She spoke to the man and then pushed me inside the door.   ‘I was so young I just did what I was told. I knew it felt wrong but I was scared and confused and after he gave me a lollipop.’   Afterwards the man sent her back out to her mother on the street and she started to cry.   ‘I remember mum telling me to stop sniveling. There was no comfort or emotion from her at all.’   But back at their council house it was just the beginning as men started calling round more frequently to abuse Claire and her sister.   Her mother would allow them to take Claire and her sister Pauline* to a disused factory behind their house where they would be raped for payment.   Claire said: ‘ Mum would just sneer at me after. I had no idea why she hated me so much. She barely fed us and made us sleep on the floor. I lived in fear of knocks at the door.’   Aged seven she was taken into care and moved into a children’s home where appallingly she suffered even more abuse, but weekend visits home were even more terrifying.   Once her mother remained in the room while she was being raped and even told her daughter to be quiet when she screamed.   It was only a matter of time before one of the sisters fell pregnant and aged just 14 it was sister Pauline.   Claire says: ‘ When my sister fell pregnant we knew the father must have been one of the men mum sold us too because neither of us had had any other relationships.   ‘Despite that my sister wanted to keep the baby but mum forced her to give the child up for adoption.’   Claire was so afraid that the same would eventually happen to her she made the decision to run away.   Aged just 15 she spent the first two weeks sleeping rough in a public toilet.   She says: ‘ It was awful but no where near as bad as what I had left behind.’   She was offered a place to stay by a taxi driver and the couple soon fell in love and married when Claire was 19.   They went on to have six children together and Claire did her best to push the horrors of her childhood to the back of her mind and focus on being a good mother.   She explains: ‘ My children were my world, my everything. Having them made it harder to understand how mum could have treated us the way she did.’   Claire refused to have anything to do with her and suspects her father was likely a punter who paid her mother for sex. She says: ‘ I had nobody at all. Not having any parent was something I had to come to terms with. But my children gave me all the love I needed and I managed to move forward.’   Then when she was 40 years old Claire’s world was turned upside down when she was introduced to the niece her sister had been forced to give up all those years ago.   She explained she had tracked down her biological father who had admitted paying her birth mother’s mother for sex with her daughter.   In fact he revealed that Claire’s mother was herself working as a prostitute and known to sell her daughters for just £5 a time.   The sickening revelation brought the horrific memories she had buried to the surface and shortly after Claire suffered a breakdown.   She was admitted to hospital and spent months recovering.   Claire said: ‘ The baby my sister had been forced to give up had been adopted by a wonderful loving family and that was the only good thing to come out of it all.   ‘She was an incredible, beautiful, bright young woman thanks to the adoptive parents that had raised her so well but it was too painful to stay in touch with her.   ‘I couldn’t cope with any reminders of my past and neither could my sister.’   In time she moved home from hospital but her marriage crumbled under the strain. Years had passed when she heard her estranged mother was gravely ill with heart problems.   She said: ‘ My brothers had remained in contact with her and urged me to visit her before she died and because I needed answers I agreed to see her.   ‘She was old and frail but I was still terrified of her.’   Claire asked her outright why she had forced her to have sex with men but her mother just laughed at her.   Claire said: ‘ I knew I wasn’t going to get what I needed so I just walked out and that was the last time I ever saw her.’   Months later in 2011 she heard her mother had died. ‘ I started to laugh because I felt a huge sense of relief that she was gone.’   It was then she decided to go to police. ‘ I didn’t know if they could help me trace the men that had raped me but they said without mum it was impossible.   ‘They were very kind and sympathetic and I wished I had gone to them while she was still alive.   She did attend her mother’s funeral but not to shed tears. ‘ I just needed to make sure she was really gone,’ she explains.   ‘There is no way I could forgive her for what she did. She exploited me in the sickest way possible and I now realize she was not my mother. She was an abuser.   ‘My children are the love and light of my life and I can say with 100 per cent certainty I am nothing like her.   ‘But she should have paid the price for her crimes. I’m just sorry I didn’t find the strength to report her while she was still alive.’   Claire now hopes to find peace by writing a book about her ordeal.   ‘I regretted not acting sooner and in time I decided to start writing about what I had been through. I hope reading my story will help other victims make their voice heard.   ‘What she put us through was unspeakable. But it happened right here in out country and it saddens me to say it is probably happening to another child now.   ‘Victims need justice and I want my story to help other victims find that courage to go to the police. I wish I had.’   ENDS