SLINKY Sian Murphy lost so much weight her work classed her a SECURITY RISK.

EXCLUSIVE by Kelly Strange

The customer service worker shrunk so rapidly from a size 24 to a size six – the building’s security staff did not recognise her from her pass. They apprehended the 22-year- old ‘intruder’ and demanded her boss vouch for her.

Rather than feel annoyed at the slight – she was proud the once fat face that filled her security card has been replaced with a slender mug shot.

Sian, who ballooned to 17st 10lb gorging on burgers, now weighs a trim 8st 2lb, said: ‘‘I’d passed the same security man for months so when he said he didn’t know who I was I thought he was joking at first. “But when I realised he wasn’t joking I was shocked, but flattered.

“He told me it was the first time in 10 years that anything had ever happened like it. They even insisted on making me a new pass.”

Sian was a size 12 schoolgirl when she was first teased for being fat and the bullying became so relentless she thought she may as well live up to the nickname. She says: “I was a bit bigger and curvier than the other girls and started to get called fat all the time. My siblings were are all slim so I felt really self conscious and would eat secretly in my room so my family couldn’t see.”

She would stuff her face with pasties and sandwiches on the way to school, at break times and on the way home to have dinner, at 16 she left school a size 16.

Beginning to earn money in her insurance underwriter apprenticeship, her eating habits peaked and were soon out of control.

She says: “I’d have breakfast and then stop at McDonald’s for some hash browns. I never stopped eating, there was always a bag of crisps open or a sandwich or pasty on the go, then I’d go to McDonald’s again on the way home for burgers, before eating a meal with the family.

“When I moved to Southampton, Hampshire from Lowestoft, Suffolk to start a new job, I bought a takeaway every night on the way home to avoid the hassle of cooking and washing up. “My kitchen was spotless because I never used it.”

But the reality of asking for an extended seat-belt on the way to a holiday in Las Vegas to celebrate her 21st birthday in September 2014 made her acknowledge the damage her diet of 4,000 calories a day was doing to her body.

She says: “I was mortified when they had to bring over one of those bright orange extenders before we could take off. “I tried to laugh it off but inside I was crying.”

“And it only got worse when we arrived. I couldn’t fit into any of my holiday clothes. I’d just grabbed a load of stuff in what I thought was my size, but when I went to put it on, nothing would do up. “I had tried some of it on, it had fitted a few weeks earlier which meant I had been getting fatter and not realised because I lived in leggings.” She spent the whole trip in the hotel, with room service.

She says: “My friend had to go out on his own every night and when we got home I didn’t have a single photo to show anyone.” The horror of the trip was her moment of clarity and at home she cut out all take-away meals and lost a stone in a month then, weighing 16st 10lbs, she signed up to Cambridge Weight Plan to boost her loss.

She drank three shakes a day instead of her carb-heavy snacks and lost 13lb in the first week, as well as 13 inches off her arms, waist, legs and tummy. By September 2015 she weighed nine stone having lost a whopping 8st 10lbs in 10 months.

It was then, during a random security check as she left her office, that she was stopped and asked to show her pass.

She says: “I showed him and he shook his head and said he needed to see my pass. He thought the one I had shown him belonged to someone else. “I totally respected that he was doing his job properly, because I had to admit I didn’t look anything like the girl in the picture on the pass anymore.” Sian has lost more weight since switching her shakes for healthy meals and weighs 8st 2lbs after losing a total of 9st 8lbs.

She says: “I walk everywhere and cook all meals from scratch. For the first time, this year I am going to wear a bikini on holiday. I have never owned one before and I am so proud I am bikini body ready.”


  • Breakfast: Four slices of buttered toast and marmite.
  • Snack: Five McDonald’s hash browns and crisps.
  • Lunch: Burger and two bags of crisps followed by chocolate bar.
  • Snack: McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with extra cheese, sometimes two.
  • Dinner: Cooked meal with family when living at home or take away.


  • Breakfast: Porridge with fruit.
  • Lunch: Jacket potato with tuna.
  • Dinner: Quorn with veg or salad.
  • Snack: fruit.