Miserable marriage made me 15st… now I’m single, sexy size 6

FOR many people, heartbreak can lead to piling on the pounds. But when Taryn Wright split from her husband, she got the body of her dreams.

The 31-year-old claims marriage transformed her from a size 12 into a frumpy size 20.

And the senior credit controller says she lost seven stone in a year just by dumping her husband.

Taryn has gone from weighing 15st to just eight — and is now a size six.

She says: “I was always happy with my figure until I got married.

“After the wedding, my life totally changed.

“But when I left my husband, I didn’t even have to try to diet. Incredibly, the weight just fell off because I was single again.

“I won’t get married again in a hurry — it made me fat.”

Taryn was a size 10 when she met her market trader husband in a nightclub at the age of 23.

It was a true whirlwind romance.

Just weeks after meeting, the couple had moved in together and married the following year in 2006.

Taryn walked down the aisle in a size 12 dress weighing 9st but after settling into married life, her figure dramatically changed.

She says: “It was like I woke up one morning after I had been married a couple of years and suddenly realised that the old me was gone.

“This big, fat, miserable person was left in her place.

“At first I just didn’t understand why. I hadn’t had any children and I didn’t have any major issues with food.

“But it was when I sat and thought about how much my life had changed that I realised why I was fat.

“I’d gone from being an independent, fun-loving girl who enjoyed partying to staying in all the time, watching TV and eating takeaways.

“Life revolved around sitting on the sofa and deciding what to eat for dinner.”

Taryn, from Grays, Essex, found that married life made it impossible to diet.

She explains: “Before our wedding, I found it easy to lose a few pounds. I would just skip a few meals and the weight would drop off me.

“But as a married woman, I had my husband to think about. I couldn’t simply not cook a meal — sitting down to eat was pretty much the only thing we did together.”

Fearing her marriage was already in trouble, Taryn felt prioritising her diet would only cause more problems.

She says: “The only thing we really looked forward to was a bottle of wine, a movie and takeaway at the weekend.

“I was worried that if I gave that up, we would have no connection at all so it was easier to push the upset about my weight aside and carry on as normal.

“Food was the glue keeping us together because we both loved our takeaways.

“It became my comfort — my way to get through the boredom.”

As the cracks in her marriage grew, Taryn turned to food even more. She regularly treated herself to family-sized pizzas and garlic bread to forget about her unhappiness.

Taryn admits: “Neither of us wanted to say the marriage wasn’t working. It was easier to buy a slab of chocolate and get stuck in to that than face the truth.”

But the bigger Taryn got, the worse her relationship became.

She says: “I was sure my husband didn’t find me attractive any more so I avoided being physical.

“I started dressing in baggy, frumpy clothes and felt like an old, middle-aged woman.”

When she reached 15st, Taryn joined a slimming club in a last-ditch attempt to shift the pounds.

She says: “I wanted to show my husband I was trying to lose weight and look sexy again. But in secret, I was still eating pizza and chocolate when he was out because I was so bored and lonely.

“I was nothing like the woman I had been before — it seemed impossible to get below a size 20.”

Fearing the old Taryn was gone for ever, she joined a gym and started working out four times a week. But because her marriage was still failing, she regularly turned to junk food to soften the pain.

She says: “I was just going round in circles. I knew I desperately wanted life to change but wasn’t sure how to make it happen.” Taryn had been married for six years when the turning point came in January last year.

She explains: “It was a typical night. I had just got in from work and my husband had got up after a night shift and headed straight out the door.

“We barely looked at each other. I was home alone not knowing when he would be back and I had two choices — I could either open the fridge and start scoffing or pack a bag and leave.”

She chose the latter.

She says: “I called a friend who agreed I could stay with her. Then I packed as much stuff as I could and called a taxi. I was scared but also relieved because I knew nothing would change otherwise. To me, our marriage had already been over for a long time.”

Taryn made the effort to reconnect with her old friends and soon found that a busy social life had a dramatic impact on her diet.

She says: “Because I had things to do, I would just grab something healthy to eat on the way, like a sandwich or a wrap.

“Food was no longer the only focus of my life.”

After just a few weeks of single life, Taryn was surprised to notice her clothes getting looser.

She says: “It was crazy. I’d not gone back to the slimming club or gym since leaving my husband but for the first time in years, I was actually losing weight.”

When people started noticing her weight loss, Taryn would say it was because she had gone from being married to single.

“It was true,” she says. “I could see no other explanation.”

Taryn soon started divorce proceedings and the weight continued to fall off with no effort at all.

In less than 12 months, she had managed to lose 7st and gone from a size 20 to a size six.

“Being a wife made me fat — but being single made me sexy again.”

Diet before
Two bacon and egg McMuffins.


LUNCH: Leftover takeaway or Subway foot-long roll.

SNACK: Crisps. Hot pastry.

DINNER: Takeaway or a large home-cooked meal of pasta or jacket potato.

SNACKS: Chocolates, crisps and dips. Cans of Diet Coke.

Diet now
Bowl of cereal at work, or bacon and egg roll.

LUNCH: Sandwich on the go.

DINNER: Cooks the same meals as before but just eats one portion.

SNACKS: No snacks, no time to think about them or eat them. Still drinks Diet Coke.