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We’ll never forget her brave smile

We’ll never forget her brave smile   I looked down at my newborn daughter and stroked her tiny arm with my finger. ‘Lee,’ I gasped. ‘She just smiled at me!’ ‘Look at that!’ he exclaimed. ‘One day old and she’s already learnt how to smile.’   When the nurses came over, we were bursting with pride over our happy little girl.   ‘Maybe it was a little bit of wind?’ she suggested dubiously. ‘Babies don’t really smile until they’re about six weeks old.’   But minutes later – ‘Well, I never! She really did smile,’ she laughed.   Nobody...

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My one in a trillion twins

One twin has Down’s Syndrome – the other doesn’t  –  making them twins in a million. But when they were born mum Louise was asked if she wanted to abandon one of her twins at the hospital…. People though it would be hard watching one twin thrive while the other didn’t, a painful reminder of what could have been…. but thanks to their unique bond Thomas is in fact helping his brother Jacob progress. Mum says Thomas is Jacob’s ‘ wingman’ and far from being a reminder of what could have been, is in fact helping to push Jacob...

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Mummy’s big 22 stone shame

Sitting down on the bed, my daughters, Faye, now six, and Alice, now three, snuggled up next to me. I opened their careworn copy of The Gruffalo and began to read. My husband Guy, now 37, watched on. But what should have been a happy time of family bonding was over by the time I got to page three.  At 5ft3, I weighed 22 stone 11Ibs and was a size 30. My extreme obesity meant even reading left me breathless and I couldn’t get the words out. I’d expelled all my energy just getting up the stairs and helping...

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How much is my Story Worth?

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