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Mum vs the greedy grinch

The Grinch Who Stole our Christmas ‘Got my money today?’ my friend Kelly asked. I smiled as I reached into my purse for a £20 note. My mummy mate certainly wasn’t shy about coming forward! We’d met at my six-year-old son Fionn’s nursery. My husband Michael, 47, and I had moved to a bigger house across town and Kelly took her daughter, Maisie, to the same nursery. We formed a little gang with some other mums, had fun going to bingo or hitting the shops. When Kelly started a savings scheme though the Christmas club Park, we all decided...

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The runaway bride

I missed my own wedding – and it cost me my man as well as thousands of pounds… As the make-up artist dabbed foundation over my flushed face, I tried to relax. After all, this was supposed to be the happiest day of my life, not the most stressed. So, I forced myself took deep breaths as she swept the brush across my cheeks and applied mascara to the tips of my lashes. Slowly, I could feel myself getting calmer. Only then –‘Excuse me, a harried voice asked. ‘But do you think you could give me a hand here?’...

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How much is my Story Worth?

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