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How to: Sell my Survivor Story

Have you survived an accident, illness or attack? If you have an incredible story of survival that you would like to sell to a national woman’s magazine or newspaper contact us today.

Photo-Features are leading experts in selling stories about survival to publishers in the UK and abroad.

Read about some of the incredible survivors we have represented in the press in the published articles below. If you have a story about survival contact us today on our freephone hotline number 0800 0665 905.

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Horror at Halloween

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s to trust your instincts. So many people think ‘it won’t...

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Goodbye my baby

Pregnant mum snapped last ever picture with dying baby – look at them now Setting my mobile...

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Against the odds

Mum planned her baby’s funeral after being told he’d be stillborn when her waters broke at 18...

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