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I got PTSD after my wife gave birth

Laura and Karl were excited about the arrival of their third child. When Laura and Karl went into hospital for the birth of their third child – they never imagined the delivery would leave them both so traumatized they were reliant on FOOD BANKS to feed their family. But the birth of their third child was so horrific that both were diagnosed with PTSD and Karl, 43, had to take a year off work. Laura was left completely incontinent and relying on a catheter at the age of 32 meaning the couple have been unable to have sex in...

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Goodbye my baby

Pregnant mum snapped last ever picture with dying baby – look at them now Setting my mobile phone camera on timer, I wiped my red rimmed eyes and forced a smile as I turned to show my baby bump to the camera. ‘You don’t have to do this,’ my partner Jason sniffed. But as much as it hurt, I wanted to. I needed something that I could treasure when we mourned our loss over the coming months. I was already a mum to Oliver, seven and Holly, four, when I fell pregnant in January 2016. But my excitement was...

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Hair of the dog

Dogs dramatic make over – from ball of carpet to perfect pooches As the kennel supervisor at Hillside Animal Rescue in Norwich, I’d seen rescued animals in some pretty poor states…but never anything like this before.   ‘You can’t even tell they’re dogs,’ I gasped as the volunteer approached with what looked like two bundles of old matted carpet.   They wouldn’t have looked out of place on a rubbish dump, their fur so matted and thick you couldn’t even see if they had eyes, legs or a tail.   If you searched hard enough you could just about...

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Saucy minx

WOMAN DITCHES SAUCE TO LOSE SIX STONE AND SAVE SEX LIFE Sauce loving Natasha’s waistline was putting the squeeze on her sex life when she tipped the scales at 16 stone  – now she’s lost 6 stone and feels saucier than ever after ditching the mayo, salad cream and ketchup….   Slathering her food in sugary sauces was destroying her body and her sex life but now having gone from a size 18 to a size 10 her sex life is back on track.   SAUCE loving Natasha Freed from Milton Keynes, says her sugar addiction made her feel...

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