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I made bloke have snip so I could lose baby weight

MARI Nicol piled on MORE THAN six stones in both her pregnancies but she has since found the ultimate diet hack to keep her on track – asking her husband to get the snip. The mum of two had lost 6st after her first pregnancy but piled it all on again and went up to 18st when she unexpectedly fell pregnant for a second time, despite being on the Pill. Mari, 32, loves her children Bobby, four, and Ivy Rose, two, but  DURING PREGNANCY WAS plagued by sickness which made her crave sugary foods and eat for comfort and...

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You’re a fat mummy aren’t you

Son’s play date changed my life. Charlene’s weight was ruining her life – but when it threatened to ruin her children’s lives too everything changed….  Hauling myself  up from my son’s bedroom floor, breathless and red faced, I stopped for a minute to catch my breath.   At a size 24 and morbidly obese, most things left my gasping for breath, even setting up a game for my son and his fiend to play after school.   As I puffed on my inhaler, my son’s young friend looked at me and said: ‘ You’re very fat aren’t you.’  ...

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Star of nappies advert born at just 23 weeks

Baby born at 23 weeks weighing 1lb 2oz who doctors said was too small to survive becomes the star of a nappies advert three months later When she went into labour at 23 weeks, Lisa Curtis was told her baby was too small to survive. But not only did tiny Bodhi Gascoigne cling on to life despite weighing just 1lb 2oz, three months later he starred in a TV advert for Pampers nappies. Now his proud mother wants to share his story to help others. She said: ‘I was told there was no hope and simply handed a leaflet...

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Squeals on the bus

Powering through a night shift at the hospital where I worked as a nurse, I couldn’t stop myself from yawning. ‘Don’t swallow me!’ my colleague, a fellow nurse quipped. ‘Sorry?’ I said. But I knew exactly what she was referring to. My size. At 5ft5, I weighed 18 stone 5Ibs and was a size 22. You don’t get to be as big as I was without having to put up with rude comments and jibes. It was as if people thought the extra flesh would protect my feeling from being hurt. It didn’t help that I specialised in caring...

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