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One in a trillion treasures

Louise’s twins really are one in a million – while one was born with Down’s syndrome – the other was born without. When she looks at her twin boys, proud mum Louise is overwhelmed by their similarities.   They have the same sense of fun and adventure, matching cheeky smiles and huge hearts.   So it’s frustrating for mum Louise that many people only see a difference – that Jacob was born with Down’s Syndrome and Thomas was not.  Louise Johnson from Telford said: ‘ When I look at them al I see is two beautiful little boys who...

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Dead funny

MEET THE WIDOWS LAUGHING THEIR WAY BACK FROM GRIEF AND DETERMINED TO HELP OTHERS DO THE SAME…   As the waitress put down the huge rack of ribs in front of my bibbed husband, I picked up my camera. This was too good a shot to miss. ‘Smile!’ I said, as Kenny took his first bite, his head thrown back in comedy ecstasy and barbecue sauce running down his chin. That was Kenny all over. A real cheeky, chappie, he oozed mischief and loved to make people feel good. I often joked to my friends that when I met...

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Another year older, Please

Found out I had cancer on my daughter’s birthday   Opening the front door, I saw an official looking letter waiting for me on the mat. It was October 1st 2015, my daughter Emmie’s first birthday and it must have arrived while we were celebrating at the soft play centre two miles away. My fiancé Lee and I had taken Emmie, her brother Dyllan, now three (four in May), and my grandparents – it had been such a fun day out. Now we were going to have a birthday tea. Ordinarily, I’d have waited before opening the letter. Only...

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60 is miles better for Di

60 IS MILES BETTER FOR DI   WHEN Diana Forsyth came up with a wacky way to mark her birthday – she says it changed her life.   The mum of four had been dreading turning 60 until she started brainstorming ways to celebrate the occasion.   When a pal came up with 60 ways to travel a mile Diana loved the idea and planned to undertake five challenges a month in the year leading up to her 60th.   Her 60 mile mission included everything from segways and skis, tandems and shopping trolleys, horses and helicopters, bikes and...

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My dad lost 20st to walk me down the aisle

A FATHER has told how he lost 20 stone to walk his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.   Drew, 63, had feared the bride might have to push him down the aisle in a wheelchair for him to give her away when he tipped the scales at 34 stone.    His weight ballooned when his 30- year- marriage broke up and he had to ‘fend for himself’ in the kitchen for the first time.   But he started dieting in November 2014, the same month Chloe got engaged to her partner – and earlier this month...

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