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Squeals on the bus

Powering through a night shift at the hospital where I worked as a nurse, I couldn’t stop myself from yawning. ‘Don’t swallow me!’ my colleague, a fellow nurse quipped. ‘Sorry?’ I said. But I knew exactly what she was referring to. My size. At 5ft5, I weighed 18 stone 5Ibs and was a size 22. You don’t get to be as big as I was without having to put up with rude comments and jibes. It was as if people thought the extra flesh would protect my feeling from being hurt. It didn’t help that I specialised in caring...

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Naughty but nice

Sex with my boyfriend’s mate on Christmas Day as he slept upstairs. Despite the Christmas decorations I’d hung up to make it look more festive, there was no getting around the fact that the house was an absolute pig sty. And there, in the middle of it all, was Steve, glued to his Playstation. ‘Steve, for Chrissake!’ I moaned as I noisily tidied around him, picking up discarded plates and cups. ‘Get out the way of the screen!’ he yelled. ‘I can’t see!’ I couldn’t help thinking that living with Steve was like looking after a teenager – which...

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Dead funny

MEET THE WIDOWS LAUGHING THEIR WAY BACK FROM GRIEF AND DETERMINED TO HELP OTHERS DO THE SAME…   As the waitress put down the huge rack of ribs in front of my bibbed husband, I picked up my camera. This was too good a shot to miss. ‘Smile!’ I said, as Kenny took his first bite, his head thrown back in comedy ecstasy and barbecue sauce running down his chin. That was Kenny all over. A real cheeky, chappie, he oozed mischief and loved to make people feel good. I often joked to my friends that when I met...

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Another year older, Please

Found out I had cancer on my daughter’s birthday   Opening the front door, I saw an official looking letter waiting for me on the mat. It was October 1st 2015, my daughter Emmie’s first birthday and it must have arrived while we were celebrating at the soft play centre two miles away. My fiancé Lee and I had taken Emmie, her brother Dyllan, now three (four in May), and my grandparents – it had been such a fun day out. Now we were going to have a birthday tea. Ordinarily, I’d have waited before opening the letter. Only...

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Goodbye my baby

Pregnant mum snapped last ever picture with dying baby – look at them now Setting my mobile phone camera on timer, I wiped my red rimmed eyes and forced a smile as I turned to show my baby bump to the camera. ‘You don’t have to do this,’ my partner Jason sniffed. But as much as it hurt, I wanted to. I needed something that I could treasure when we mourned our loss over the coming months. I was already a mum to Oliver, seven and Holly, four, when I fell pregnant in January 2016. But my excitement was...

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