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How to: Sell my Love, Sex or Romance Story

Do you have a story about love, sex or romance? Your story about love, sex or romance could appear in a women’s magazine, newspaper or both?

If you would like to see your story about love, sex or romance published in one or more of the UK’s most loved publications contact us today.

Photo-Features are leading experts in selling stories about love, sex and romance to the press. Complete the story form or call us on our freephone hotline number 0800 0665 905.

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Naughty but nice

Sex with my boyfriend’s mate on Christmas Day as he slept upstairs. Despite the Christmas...

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Too fat to have sex

‘We were too fat to have sex on our honeymoon but after losing 15 stone we are friskier than ever!’   With a shared passion for cakes and takeaways, Mark and Louise Hannigan’s love life went down the pan...

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I can’t have two husbands

I cant have two husbands? ‘What d’you fancy tonight then?’ My hubby David asked, sidling up next to me on the sofa. But it wasn’t a come on – fat chance. No, he was holding the tattered menu from...

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