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I was being raped by my own son

I woke up to find my teenage son raping me… This article in Chat magazine took almost two years to publish and is one of the most distressing stories we have ever been asked to work on. Donna wanted us to write an article about why she took her teenage son to court for raping her. He was charged after she woke up to find the 15- year old having sex with her during the night.   Horrified Donna called police to their home and told them her son had raped her. He was arrested and initially admitted what...

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Santa’s little scoffer

So fat I ate my children’s presents! Greedily unwrapping the last chocolate on the tree and popping it into my mouth, my focus turned to the final door on the advent calendar. ‘Come on in!’ it taunted, even though it wasn’t Christmas Day, just a few days into December. Refusing to think about the disappointment on my children’s faces, I quickly devoured that too before burying the now empty calendars into the bin safely beneath the remnants of that evening’s curry. Then I crawled into bed, setting my alarm early to get up before my hubby Dave, 48, woke...

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One in a trillion treasures

Louise’s twins really are one in a million – while one was born with Down’s syndrome – the other was born without. When she looks at her twin boys, proud mum Louise is overwhelmed by their similarities.   They have the same sense of fun and adventure, matching cheeky smiles and huge hearts.   So it’s frustrating for mum Louise that many people only see a difference – that Jacob was born with Down’s Syndrome and Thomas was not.  Louise Johnson from Telford said: ‘ When I look at them al I see is two beautiful little boys who...

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Worth every penny

I almost died – blowing life savings on my £16,000 bikini body helped me live again…. after being diagnosed with stage three cancer surgery had saved Su’s life so she went back under the knife to save it again… A WOMAN who won a battle for life against cancer has told how she blew her life savings on cosmetic surgery so she could finally enjoy it! Su, 44, had been a slim size 12 weighing 10 stone when a large tumour was found on her ovaries. She underwent surgery and a full hysterectomy one mont later in May 2014...

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How much is my Story Worth?

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