Sauce loving Natasha’s waistline was putting the squeeze on her sex life when she tipped the scales at 16 stone  – now she’s lost 6 stone and feels saucier than ever after ditching the mayo, salad cream and ketchup….
Slathering her food in sugary sauces was destroying her body and her sex life but now having gone from a size 18 to a size 10 her sex life is back on track.

SAUCE loving Natasha Freed from Milton Keynes, says her sugar addiction made her feel anything but saucy when her weight peaked at 16 stone.
With her sex life all dried up and her confidence in tatters size 18 Natasha knew her love of sugary sauces was to blame for her weight gain.
She slathered piles of mayo, salad cream, BBQ sauce, sweet chilli and ketchup on all of her meals or cooked with ready made shop bought sauces.
So determined to lose weight and sauce up her sex life in February 2016 Natasha signed up to a meal replacement plan.
She swapped her saucy dinners for shakes and bars on the Cambridge Weight Plan, currently being followed by celebrity Martine Mc Cutcheon.

In the first day she lost a staggering 3lbs and by the end of the week Natasha says she was half a stone lighter.
Now the marketing manager, 28, is a trim size 10 weighing 10st and says her sex life with fiancé Martin is better than ever.
She said: ‘ Losing weight has changed everything but especially our sex life. We didn’t have one before but now we can’t keep our hands off each other.
‘At a size 18 I felt so low about my body it was impossible to feel sexy so I made excuses all the time.
‘Martin thought I was going off him because I never wanted to get physical – but noting could have been further from the truth – I just hated my body so much that I couldn’t do it.’
The couple are now happily planning their wedding for next year and Natasha says lots of sex will help her keep the pounds off in the run up to their big day.
She first started piling on weight in her late teens. Natasha says she cooked and ate what she thought were healthy foods but was unaware that slathering on sweet sauces was making her meals high in sugar and fat.  
She also used shop bought sauces to cook that were also high in sugar and fat.
Natasha also drank at least two to three litres a day of full fat Coke.
She says:  ‘I couldn’t understand why I was gaining weight because I wasn’t eating takeaways or cakes all the time.
‘I thought the food I was eating wasn’t too bad, but of course it was the sauces and the drinks with all the hidden sugar and fat.’
After moving in with electrician Martin Johnston, 32, five years ago she continued to grow and their sex life waned with each stone she gained.
Finally she peaked at 16 stone last year and they stopped having sex all together.
She says: ‘Martin told me I looked lovely whatever size I was but I just felt horrible.
‘He loved me whatever so he couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to have sex.’
Natasha also stopped going out with her pals and suffered anxiety and panic attacks over her appearance.
She said: ‘ I felt people were looking and laughing. I was so self conscious.’
After hitting rock bottom she started the Cambridge Weight Plan in February 2016 and by September last year had lost five and a half stone and felt on top of the world.
Since then she says that their sex life has been amazing and she credits the ‘ sexercise’ with helping her lose a further half stone. She now weighs 10st.
She said: ‘ I love being a size 10. I am no longer the ‘ fat one’ and I can wear anything I like and feel amazing.
‘Martin loved me regardless but I think it’s safe to say he definitely enjoying my new figure as much as me.
‘I may not eat sauce anymore but I’m definitely feeling much saucier thank to losing weight.’
For more information about the Cambridge Weight Plan visit http://www.cambridgeweightplan.com/