Look Roo’s got new wheels. Scooby Roo, Britain’s kangaroo dog can now ‘run’ instead of hop for the first time ever thanks to new wheels.
LOOK Roo’s happy now after being fitted with new wheels that mean she no longer has to hop like a kangaroo.
The nine month old rescue puppy learned to bounce on her hind legs after being born with one front leg missing and losing the other after she was born.
By the time she was found close to death in Romania she had already perfected hopping meaning she was frequently mistaken for a kangaroo.
But despite Roo being perfectly happy on two legs owner Nikki Dick feared it might eventually put strain on her spine, leading to arthritis.
So she commissioned a bespoke set of wheels for Roo to get daily exercise on the ground with her doggy pals.
Mrs Dick said: ‘ Roo loves to hop and we are all quite sure she thinks she really is a kangaroo rather than a dog so when we first put her wheels on she looked at us as if to say ‘ I don’t need them because I’m quite happy bouncing thank you very much.
‘But after a few moments she just took off and went haring around the garden. It was the first time she had ever experienced running like other dogs and we all just burst into tears that she had been able to enjoy that for the first time in her life.’
Roo was five months old when she was rescued by British animal charity Safe Rescue for Dogs and brought to the UK.
By then she was so used to hopping that she was quickly nicknamed Roo.
Nurse Nikki Dick, 50, and firefighter husband Ian, 52, fostered her last December.
But when they took Roo out to exercise with their other rescue dogs they were constantly stopped by surprised on lookers who had to do a double take when they saw Roo bouncing on her back legs.
Nikki said: ‘ From a distance she was often mistaken for a kangaroo which caused a few double takes.’
Nikki was always keen to assure people who stopped to look that Roo was not in any pain.
She explains: ‘She is obviously very unique so we have worked closely with vets since we got her to ensure she is pain free, healthy and happy.
‘She’s a very confident little girl.’
The couple also arranged hydrotherapy and physiotherapy to ease the strain on Roo’s back.
But earlier this year Nikki consulted with a designer who creates carts for animals with missing limbs and asked him to create a bespoke set of wheels for Ro.
She explained: ‘ Though Roo is happy now the pressure on her spine might one day lead to arthritis so when our vet told us that we might be able to prevent that by easing the pressure for just half an hour a day we got straight to work.’
Nikki worked closely with the designer to create a set of wheels that was easy for Roo to manoeuvre as they would be leading her body rather than pulling the wheels behind as is more common with canine carts.
The couple made several trips from their home in Morpeth to London for fittings and at the end of last month Roo was fitted with her wheels for the first time.
Nikki said: ‘ Roo has a strong personality. We joke that she is a typical teenage girl and if she doesn’t like something she won’t do it.
‘She is definitely the boss so we didn’t know how she would react at all and at first she did not look happy because she couldn’t bounce with them on.’
But after a brief hesitation she took off to cheers and tears all round.
Nikki says Roo now spends 20 minutes a day running with her friends thanks to her wheels and this will increase to half an hour over the next month.
Nikki said: ‘ Now she can hop and run which is perfect for Roo. The designer Ian has done an incredible job and we are extremely grateful.’
Ass she grows her needs to will change and the couple say they are incredibly grateful for all the support they have received from fundraisers to cover the cost of the hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and new wheels.
Nikki said: ‘ She lives with us but we feel Roo belongs to everyone who has helped. She is not just ours.’
To support Roo donate at :  http://www.gofundme.com/nn3cy4go fund me