Rapist dad forced me to play
his ‘wife’ …until I got him jailed

Brave Emma tells story to help other victims

A DAUGHTER forced to act as her sick dad’s “wife” today waives her right to anonymity in the hope she can help other rape victims.

Brave Emma Frost, 22, was repeatedly abused by her father for ten years.

And now she is revealing her horrific story to encourage others to report their attacker.


Emma, who is backing The Sun’s Stop Rape Now campaign, says: “I suffered for years at the hands of a rapist. And it was my dad — the one person I should have been able to turn to for help and protection.


“I thought no one would listen to me so I stayed silent for so many years. It tore me apart.


“That’s why I want to speak out, so others won’t have to suffer in the same way I did.”


Twisted Christopher Frost, 45, began abusing his daughter when she was aged just nine. As she got older, she was forced to cook and clean for him as well as, sickeningly, share his bed.

Frost was jailed for life last December after Emma finally found the courage to speak out.


Emma, from Clacton, Essex, says: “I remember the first time he touched me. Afterwards he told me it was a ‘special cuddle’. It happened more and more frequently over the next few years.


“I knew it was wrong and I hated it but I didn’t feel able to tell anyone so instead I started releasing my anger by playing up at school and self-harming.”


As her behaviour worsened, the school became unable to cope with Emma so her mum put her into care in 2001, weeks before her 12th birthday.


Emma says: “They didn’t understand what was wrong with me so my family just thought I was out of control. They couldn’t cope so I had to go.”


Life in the children’s home was tough and Emma’s only regular visitor was her father.


Emma, who now has two children of her own, says: “People can’t understand why I let him visit me but my whole family had turned their backs on me.


Without him, I had nobody.

“I was just a frightened little girl. I also thought if I didn’t let him visit, people might ask why.”


He would take her into town and buy her cigarettes and alcohol to gain her trust. Then, when she was 15, he told Emma her mum had left and asked if she wanted to move in with him.

Emma says: “Naively, I thought anything was better than the children’s home. I also hoped he had changed as it was more than three years since he had touched me.”


In December 2004, Emma went to live with her father. He didn’t touch her but insisted she was responsible for all the housework. She says: “In effect, I was taking on my mum’s role.”

But a few weeks later Emma came home to find her dad drunk. He shouted at her for leaving him. The next morning he came to apologise.


He started pouring her large glasses of Baileys cream liqueur. Next thing, Emma had passed out. She knew her dad was touching her but was too sick to scream or move.


The next morning she came round and started piecing it together. She says: “I confronted him but he denied it and said I must have been dreaming. But days later I woke up to find him touching me again.”


Emma was so frightened she butted him. Her dad said no one would believe her because of her history of self-harming.

His behaviour grew more twisted and he even started calling Emma by her mother’s name.


Then, one night in 2005, he made her get up at 1am and start cooking his favourite dinner. While she was peeling the vegetables, she saw he was lighting candles in the lounge.


Then he put a blanket on the floor and called her in and, despite her pleas, raped her.


When it was over, he ordered Emma to sit opposite him to eat the meal.


She says: “I knew then it was some sick fantasy where I was his wife and we were having a romantic night. I felt sick but had nowhere to turn. I’ve never been so afraid.”


That night she was forced to share his bed. Life at home was a living hell as the abuse continued but Emma tried to enjoy brief moments of normality with secret boyfriends.

She says: “Having boyfriends was my way of not letting Dad own me, a way of feeling normal.”


Emma began dating Graham Brett after meeting him in the chip shop where she worked. But one day Emma’s dad followed the pair and confronted them.

She says: “He started screaming at me that I was a slag. Graham thought he was just an overprotective dad. How could I tell him the truth — that he was jealous?”


He dragged Emma home and started smashing plates over his head, shouting: “Look how much I love you Emma.”

She says: “I was shouting at him that it was wrong and he wasn’t supposed to be doing these things to me.”


Evil Frost then begged her forgiveness before pleading with her to have sex with him one more time.

Emma says: “I was so revolted I thought I would be sick. He was begging me not to leave but I was already thinking I had nowhere to go.”


She kept seeing Graham and a few months later fell pregnant. Frost had had a vasectomy so she knew the baby could not be his. When Emma told her dad, he cried and asked if she was going to leave him.


Emma had a baby girl but had to continue living with her dad as she and Graham didn’t have a place of their own.


She says: “I hated him holding my baby and never left them alone for a second. Even if I went to the toilet, I took her with me.”

A few weeks later, Emma moved in to a new flat. Then in October 2009, out of the blue, Emma’s mum made contact. Emma told her everything and her mum urged her to call the police. She says:


“Mum was devastated, she had no idea. I now know the reason she hardly came to the children’s home was because dad dissuaded her.

“Our relationship had become difficult while I was at home because of my behaviour and he played on that.”


Next she told Graham. Emma says: “He wanted to go straight round to Dad’s but I didn’t want him running away before he could be properly punished.”


The police began investigating Emma’s claims and Frost was arrested and charged. His trial began at Ipswich Crown Court last October and Emma, who had had a second daughter, gave evidence from behind a screen.


The jury convicted Frost of rape, indecent assault, sexual activity with a child and causing a child to engage in sexual activity. He was

jailed for life.


Emma, who is studying for a degree in psychology so she can help other victims of abuse, says: “I was relieved but I will have the memories forever. Graham and my daughters have shown me what a real family is.


“I suffered in silence for too long and I want to help other women.


By LEE EGGLESTON, Chair of Rape Crisis


RAPE Crisis welcome The Sun’s awareness-raising campaign Stop Rape Now.


It is vitally important that all survivors of sexual violence receive the support they need.


We want the existing Rape Crisis national helpline to be expanded. At the moment, it runs two sessions every day and is not 24-hour.

We are going to launch an online campaign to expand the national helpline ourselves too.


The Coronation Street rape storyline increased call volume by 800 per cent. Any storyline that focuses on sexual violence always increases calls.


We know there is demand for the lines but we need to raise funds to make more lines available for longer.

I hope readers of The Sun will support the Stop Rape Now campaign. We believe that access to support is a right, not a privilege.

Rape Crisis: 0808 802 9999 (12-2.30pm

and 7-9.30pm) or rapecrisis.org.uk