A GRIEVING mum has blamed toxic PIP breast implants for killing her unborn baby.

Suzanne Ellis believes son Ivan was stillborn after being poisoned by the ruptured implants.


She claimed they leaked industrial-strength silicone — which is used for stuffing mattresses — into her body.


Suzanne said doctors could find no other explanation for the death and is pressing for a probe into the tragedy.


Suzanne, 31, of Widnes, Cheshire, said: “When I decided to have implants, I thought I knew all the risks. I never thought losing my son would be one of them.”


She had her breasts enlarged in Manchester in 2007. But after six months one started to swell and she had chest, ear and throat infections.


Suzanne, who has a 14-year-old daughter, then suffered chronic headaches before falling pregnant — when her symptoms got worse. She said: “I’d been pregnant before, but this was horrific.”


She developed an intense itching across her body. Suzanne said: “I felt like there was something under my skin. It was awful.” Doctors were baffled, but her unborn baby appeared to be OK and Suzanne called him Ivan. But at 27 weeks he was stillborn.


Suzanne said: “I needed answers but nobody could tell me why my perfect baby had died.” She and her ex-partner Adam declined a post mortem at the time.


Tests showed a healthy placenta and the cause of death remained a mystery to consultants.

A year after her loss, Suzanne noticed a lump on her breast.

Doctors said her right implant had ruptured — and that it had been made by PIP.


The French company is at the centre of an international health scare over the faulty implants which were given to up to 40,000 British women.


Suzanne, who is waiting to have her implants removed, said: “No wonder I’d been so ill. No wonder my baby died. The manufacturers of PIP implants put my health at risk and risked the life of my son. How many other women have suffered?”