Meet the woman who shares her bed with a 12 stone pig!

A woman has told how her love life has been left in tatters – because she shares her bed with a 12 stone PIG.
Jaimie says she is single because her pet pig is a bed hog that refuses to sleep alone.
The 22- year old- retail worker began co sleeping with Claude when she adopted the piggy as a tiny five day old baby because he cried when left alone.
But now two years on he weighs a whopping 12 stone and Jaimie has already had to switch her single bed for a double bed which Claude has now also outgrown.
As well as disturbing her sleep, the porker is also playing havoc with her love life because he demands constant attention from Jaimie who he thinks she is his mum.
She said: ‘ Claude doesn’t act like a pig, he’s more like a little toddler. In fact he;s probably worse than a toddler because he’s never going to grow up.
‘He wants constant affection from me and needs lots of walks so it doesn’t leave much time for me to date.
‘When people do come round the house Claude uses his snout to push them off the sofa.
‘But I could never kick him out of bed, even if his trotters stick into my back all night.
‘He’s my baby and I’ve loved him since the moment I saw him.’
That moment was in 2015 when Jaimie visited a local animal sanctuary near her home in Boosbeck, Cleveland.  Staff had saved a pig from slaughter unaware that she was pregnant.
But they’d been unable to house the eight piglets she’d given birth to and had advertised for adopters.
Jaimie said: ‘ I fell in love, he was tiny and cute. I phoned my mum and asked if we could adopt him and she said ‘no’ immediately. She told me to phone my dad believing he would back her up  say the same.’
But Jaimie called her dad David, 53, just as his beloved football team had won a game and in a state of euphoria he told her ‘yes.’
Jaimie brought Claude home to the three bed home she shares with her parents and sister Jodie, 17,  on a housing estate that night.
She said: ‘ We had a cat and a hamster, but we’d never looked after a pig before.
‘We bought him a dog bed so he could sleep downstairs and the plan was when he got a bit bigger that he would sleep outside. We’d guessed he’d grow to around the same size as his mum who was quite small.
But Claude ‘oinked’ continually for attention until Jaimie slept downstairs next to him. She said: ‘ He’d been had reared from birth so it was all he knew.’
To comfort Claude she took her bedding downstairs and crashed out next to him. But after a few days sleeping downstairs was taking it’s toll.
She said: ‘ It was uncomfortable on the floor and I had to get up for college the next day, I was so tired I just wanted some sleep so I scooped him up and took him upstairs  into my single bed with me and he slept like a baby through the night.’
During the day Claude would hop on the sofa to watch TV and enjoy a walk on a lead with Jaimie or her mum Tracey.
The family fed him pig pellets but Claude was soon helping himself to toast and biscuits from the table.
Jaime said: ‘ I didn’t mind him having a few treats but when he tried to snaffle mum’s bacon sandwich I grabbed it back. It just seemed wrong. I can’t eat bacon since adopting Claude but mum and dad still do.’
By last year Claude had grown so much Jaimie was having trouble sleeping. She said: ‘ I had trotters in my back all night and it was clear Claude had outgrown my singe bed.
So they family bought a bigger double bed but Claude has since doubled in size again and they’re now saving for a King size.
On the rare occasion that Jaimie stays out overnight with friends, mum Tracey, 50, has to sleep with Claude.
Jaime said: ‘ I only ever stay away for one night and not very often as it’s isn’t fair on mum.’
She says she’s accepted that finding a fella that accepts she shares her bed with a 12 stone pig is going to be tough.
But she insists that despite remaining single because of Claude she doesn’t regret a thing. She said: ‘ He comes first and always will. He may be a bed hog and snore like a pig but I love him.’