I can finally go NAKED in bed after LOSING 12st

Woman was SO appalled about her body, she wouldn’t let her fiance see her naked… but now she’s delighted she’s lost 12st and he’s lost 7st too GRACE MECKLENBURGH was so appalled at her 23st 10lb body she wouldn’t let her fiancé see her naked – or touch her tummy. For...

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My todger’s BIONIC!

Transgender man with new £60,000 body including bionic penis funded by the NHS remains a virgin since transitioning four years ago. Lee Carter, 48, reckons he'd be the 'best lover ever' as having lived for more than 40 years as a female, he knows what women want A...

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  Biting my lip in concentration I carefully drew on one arch, then the other. Then I took a step back from the mirror to look at my reflection properly. Sighing, I grabbed the make-up remover from the sink and started to scrub, tears prickling. I was going to be...

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As I watched TV, I felt my eyelids growing heavy. I settled back onto the sofa and closed my eyes. ‘Teresa,’ my partner Bob said gently, rousing me. ‘Go on up to bed.’ ‘Have I fallen asleep again?’ I yawned, rubbing my eyes. Time was, Bob and I loved an early night...

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Does my bum look BIG in this?

  As I helped my daughters Anna and Lyla, now eight and six, with the jigsaw puzzle, a little girl stood beside me and gently placed her hand on my leg: ‘Your bottom is very big, isn’t it? So are your legs.’   The heat rising in my cheeks, I nervously looked...

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Our Heartbreak Farewell…

Tragically Natalie’s son’s birth was also his death sentence. We helped her pay tribute to little Travis is Chat magazine. Would you like to pay tribute to a loved one in a magazine or newspaper ? Contact us today....

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