‘Having a nose job was the cleverest thing I’ve ever done’, says Mensa member who feared his looks might ruin his employment chances

Many people would think expecting to have both brains and beauty would be wishful thinking.
Not so one Mensa member who says having a nose job was the cleverest thing he has ever done.
Owen Cheshire, 21, from Southampton, had cosmetic surgery before graduating to make sure his large nose didn’t stop him being offered a job.

Now he says that thanks to the operation his confidence is finally as high as his IQ.
Mr Cheshire, who has an IQ of 132, said: ‘It was a no brainer for me. I wanted to enter the job market at my best and I couldn’t be that with confidence issues about my appearance.

‘I hated meeting new people or having photographs taken. I shied back from the spotlight.
‘But now I’m confident and ready to tackle anything. It’s simple logic, feeling less ugly has made me braver and happier. It’s nice not to be laughed at because of my nose.’

Mr Cheshire first started dreaming of cosmetic surgery as a self-conscious teenager.
He said: ‘I inherited a large bump in my nose which runs in the family.

‘I tried to just forget about it and get on with things because we all know there are more important things to life, but it did cause me embarrassment and make me feel self-conscious.’
Despite being bullied over his appearance he still passed 11 GCSEs with flying colours and won a place to study A-levels at college.
He also went on to read for a degree at Southampton Solent University.

He said: ‘My confidence grew slightly but I still hated talking to people side on and despised having my photograph taken.
‘I never felt particularly attractive so I suppose because of that I wasn’t the most outgoing or dynamic person in the room.’
So he focused on his studies and was thrilled to win membership to the prestigious Mensa academy in 2012 with an IQ of 132 – 132 is the IQ pass mark for joining Mensa.

But despite his top credentials as he neared the end of his degree in media and marketing, he feared his nose would hold him back as he competed for jobs in a difficult market.

He said: ‘You don’t have to be a genius to work out that in the current job market only the very best will win the few jobs available.
‘I felt sure that couldn’t be me because I simply wasn’t the best I could be because of my confidence.

‘It’s a complete myth that only shallow or stupid people care about the way they look. It’s not shallow to want to make the best of yourself.’
He began researching surgeons and within a month of finishing his degree in May 2013 was on the operating table at Transform in London.
He said: ‘I researched the companies thoroughly and all claimed to have the best surgeons, something I would expect from a surgery provider anyway. But Transform seemed to offer the best after care and support.’

The surgeon agreed to shave off the bump and smooth the tip for a more streamlined nose at a cost of £4,000.
Mr Cheshire said: ‘It was a lot of money but I saw it as an investment in myself and my future.’

He was instantly delighted with the results. He said: ‘Even with the bandages on I could see a huge difference. I knew it would only improve as the swelling receded. I absolutely loved it.

‘When the bandages came off I just looked at my side profile and thought: ‘Great, I’m not really ugly anymore. ‘
As he recovered he was thrilled to hear he’d won a job on a graduate training scheme that he’d applied for before the surgery, but says his new nose meant he was able to start the position in August 2013 full of enthusiasm and vigour.

And months later when he graduated in November 2013 he enjoyed posing for pictures in his gown.
He said: ‘I hated cameras before and would never have posed for photographs. It was wonderful to enjoy it.’

Now his graduate scheme is coming to an end and Mr Cheshire says he’s confident enough to face battling for another job thanks to his nose.
He said: ‘Everyone knows how tough it is for graduates to find work right now. I’m so pleased I made the decision to have surgery with Transform because now my chances are just as good as the next mans.’

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