My one-night stand gave up everything to care for our sick baby

Picking up the phone, Jennifer Stermann’s hand trembled with nerves. She was about to tell a man she’d met only once she was pregnant with his child.

And when the line went dead after she broke the news, she was ­devastated, although not altogether surprised.

Nurse Jennifer, had enjoyed a ­one-night stand with Shane Barton, ­a male model on tour with The ­Dreamboys in Germany. And despite being on the Pill at the time, she found out weeks later that she was pregnant.

But despite his lukewarm response at the beginning, things have somehow worked out between the couple. And in fact, they are now engaged.

Even though they lived in ­different countries and barely ­knew each other, and complications at birth left their baby severely disabled, they vowed to care for their child together.

Shane has even given up his job with the world famous all-male stripping troupe to be a full-time carer for their little girl, Jolina Skye. He proposed to Jennifer and, against all the odds, the happy couple are getting married later this year.

“Most men would have run a mile,” says Jennifer. “It was a one-night stand hundreds of miles away from home and then he gets a text telling him I’m having a baby.

“Then our child is born with severe life-limiting disabilities and instead of turning his back, Shane decided to become a round-the-clock carer and my husband. He is one in a million.

“Everyone said we didn’t have a chance of making it work, but now we’ve proved them wrong. Caring for our daughter together brought us closer. I never thought a one-night stand would change my life so dramatically.”

Jennifer, 26, met 23-year-old Shane when he was performing in her ­hometown, Dusseldorf, Germany, with ­The ­Dreamboys in June 2008.

She recalls: “My friend had invited me for a girls’ night out and the show was fantastic. I thought one dancer in particular was totally gorgeous.”

When it was over, Jennifer and her friend got backstage passes to meet the boys in their dressing room.

“I spotted the dancer I’d been ­watching on stage and he was really friendly. He told me his name was Shane and we got chatting.”

Shane as an adult stripper
Shane as an adult stripper

Shane invited Jennifer and her friend to a party back at his hotel and they ended up in bed together.

She recalls: “I’d never done ­anything like it before, but I was single, he was gorgeous, so I thought ‘why not?’ At the time I just thought it was a bit of harmless fun as I was on the Pill.”

But as Jennifer left the hotel the ­following morning she had no idea just how much her life was about to change.

“I knew Shane was leaving the country that day,” she recalls. “We exchanged numbers but I thought he was just being polite and I never ­expected to hear from him.”

Over the next few weeks they shared a few flirty texts, but then Jennifer missed her