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Back to Front Wedding

As Emma cut into her wedding cake and took to the floor in front of guests for the first dance, it should have been the perfect end to their wedding day, except for one small problem…they hadn’t actually got married.

Bride to be Emma, 34 and her groom Martin, 38 had been on the way to the service when disaster struck which forced them to go ahead with a wedding day without actually getting hitched.

The couple had two kids together aged two and four and so the time had never been right to marry before.

But they always dreamed of being man and wife and now the timing seemed just right – or so they thought.

After a seven year engagement and seven months of frantic planning for the big dream day Emma thought she had planned every detail.

But there are some things even the most devoted bride cannot plan for.

Because just minutes away from the venue where some guests were already waiting to watch them say ‘I do’ an emergency had broken out.

On a bridge linking the man road with the town centre a man was threatening to jump.

Police had been called and a negotiator was trying to talk him down – but it meant the bridge was closed causing traffic chaos and massive tail backs.

There was no other way to reach the registry office by foot or by car.

After a perfect morning getting ready and dreaming for the future, the wedding party had now departed in their swish cars for the service but soon joined a massive traffic jam.

The bride was sweltering in the back of the Rolls Royce as they waited in traffic for news. Martin was in his wedding car a few meter’s ahead but the couple had stuck by tradition and spent the previous night apart and didn’t want to meet.

Kind passers by brought Emma drinks and lollies to cool her in her big dress but time ticked on.

The police were told of Emma’s plight and attempts were made to let the bridal party pass but by now it was almost two hours gone and the registry office was shutting.

The best they could do was let Emma and her Groom come back in the morning.

The couple met in the road to decide what to do.

With a fortune already spent on the reception there was only one thing they could do – go ahead anyway.

So they turned the cars round, headed to the hall and started calling guests. Those not trapped the wrong side of the bridge headed there straight away, others came later.

They were having a wedding reception with no wedding.

Emma and her ‘groom’ cut the cake and danced their first dance but they were not man and wife.

Martin started his speech with ‘My girlfriend and I rather than My wife and I,’ which caused eruptions of laughter.

They danced and drank until 2am. Then the next morning Emma woke up next to Martin, had to slip her muddy crumpled wedding dress back on, put her tiara back in place and get to the registry office.

All the guests back in their grubby wedding outfits joined them as they married for real and then headed to a hastily arranged BBQ.

It meant they did everything in the wrong order and Emma felt far from the radiant bride as she made her vows, hung-over, tired and all tradition out the window.

But she prefers to look on the bright side, she got two wedding days and not many brides get to wear their gown twice.

The local newspaper reported that the suicidal man was talked down and arrested for causing a public nuisance.

‘My wedding ended up lasting two days. I wore my dress twice