A PREGNANT woman’s withering attack on ‘elite superior mummies’ who bully women who do not give birth naturally, leaving them feel ‘inferior and lower class’ has provoked a huge emotional response from other mothers who feel the same.
In a blog now seen 30,00 times personal trainer Jordan Cruttenden, 34, describes how birth snobs who wear a ‘badge of honour’ because they had drug free natural births have judged her for taking the ‘easy route’ and having an emergency caesarian section.
The married mother who is pregnant with her third child, admitted hiding the truth of her children’s births because she was too embarrassed.
And it seems she is not alone. She has since received hundreds of messages of support from women who either used pain relief or had surgery an claim they too have been subjected to bullying.  
Mrs Cruttenden from Eastbourne, said: ‘ I’m so overwhelmed and pleased that I finally had the courage to admit how I felt because clearly I am not the only one being judged like this. It is a form of bullying.
‘The morning after I posted my blog I woke up to my phone full of messages and they just keep coming.
‘So many women have identified with it and thanked me for talking about it. Birth bullying is rife and it needs to stop. I can tell you an emergency section is definitely not easy.
‘When did pain relief and life saving intervention become something to be embarrassed about?
‘It’s a shame that the first question women seem to ask now is not a newborn’s weight or sex, but did the mother have pain relief.’
In her post posted on her Babies and Burpees exercise blog, the mother of two who is due to give birth in September says she has been made to feel ‘ inferior and a lower class mother’ for ‘giving up’ and needing surgery to deliver her baby safely.
She writes: ‘I feel sad that I have been judged and still feel embarrassed and not worthy enough to say how I gave birth…like natural labour is a prize for good behavior.’
‘There is an elite bunch of obviously superior mummies that look at me with questions in their eyes (when they hear I had a section) like ‘why did you have one’ or ‘did you not try hard enough?’
Her withering attack goes on to describe her shock when on hearing she had a section, others mothers have smugly told how they ‘ refused to let the surgeons perform a caesarian,’ as if she gave up attempting a natural birth too easily and should have refused intervention.
But Mrs Cruttenden how after four days of labour with daughter Autumn, now six, she was warned her baby’s head was swelling and she was at risk of brain damage.
She said: ‘At that moment after days of telling the midwives ‘ I can do it’ those words sent the fear of God in me and I didn’t care if they had to chop my head off to get her out. Five minutes later she was in my arms safe and happy.’
But her birth left her feeling judged and less of a mother than someone whose labour was problem free and without pain relief. ‘I was left out of conversation and started making excuses not to talk about my delivery.’
She says: ‘ It was clear other women felt I had given in too quickly.’
Because of that she was determined that son Otis, now three, would be born naturally. But her consultant advised that a planned section would be the safest.’
She said: ‘ I was disappointed but only because I knew what the birth snobs would say.’
She says that she some women even suggested she should ‘give it a go’ anyway, against medical advice.
She said: ‘ I felt like I was being weak by going along with medical advice rather then refusing to listen to the experts and doing my own thing, even if it put my baby at risk. When did that become something to be admired and respected?’
Alarmingly, even midwives questioned why she was not attempting a natural birth.
Mrs Cruttenden says she still hopes to give birth to her third baby naturally, but will not feel ashamed if she doesn’t, largely thanks to the response from her post.
She said: ‘ We are so fortunate to have access to medical intervention that saves the lives of mothers and babies every day so why is that something to feel embarrassed and ashamed of ?
‘Nothing is more important that delivering a healthy child.
‘Bullies who make mother’s feel that they should refuse intervention on medical grounds in pursuit of a natural birth are the ones putting lives at risk.’