Mother and daughter dreading their milestone birthdays days apart lose 11 stone between them for the big days.

Set to celebrate their milestone birthday’s just ten days apart, mum Alex and daughter Emily could not have been less excited.
In fact they were dreading turning 40 and 21 in August this year until embarking on a radical weight loss journey together that has seen them lose 11 stone and ten dress sizes between them.
Mum Alex Jones has gone from a size 24 to a 10 and daughter Emily from an 18 to an 8.
Now the delighted pair who credit each other with their success cannot wait to celebrate their ‘big birthdays’ together.
Proud Alex said: ‘ When people congratulate me on my weight loss the first thing I do is tell them about Emily and how well she has done on the Cambridge Plan too. I’m so proud of her.
‘She’s always been beautiful but now she is healthy and happy too and I’m lucky that I got to share this journey with her.
‘I’ve always looked forward to us turning 21 and 40 days apart but as it got closer I started to dread it because of my weight. Now I can’t wait.’
Emily said: ‘ I couldn’t have done it without mum. We’ve been there for each other every step of the way and she is definitely my inspiration. I think she looks amazing and we are so excited about our birthdays now.’
Alex and Emily who live together in Romsey, Hampshire, shared weigh ins, shopping trips and cooking together after signing up to a meal replacement plan in July last year.
Hairdresser Alex had battled with her weight since school, but after peaking at a size 22 to 24 three years ago had seen her health decline.
She explains: ‘ I noticed I was getting out of breath walking and heat was unbearable.
‘On holiday in Rhodes last year I was too big to walk to the beach and too embarrassed to sit by the pool so I spent most of the time alone on the balcony where nobody could see me.’
But even worse was being asked by clients at the salon if she was pregnant.
Alex said: ‘I was so embarrassed and so were the clients who asked me. I had to admit that it was just tummy.’
Meanwhile daughter Emily was also struggling with her weight after starting shift work as an ambulance desptach operative.
She relied on apps on her iphone to order junk food to collect on her way home from 12- hour shifts.
Emily said: ‘ The apps made it so easy to just book a pizza rather than go shopping and cook and I just fell into a rut.’
Both women confided in each other about their weight issues and did their best to keep each other’s spirits up.
Alex said: ‘ Emily and I would get upset together but we did our best to boost each other and I always told her how lovely she looked and vice versa but I didn’t want to turn 40 overweight.’
The pair would encourage each other to lose weight but Alex had been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid which made weight loss even harder and diets always failed.
But in July last year months after being asked if she was pregnant Alex signed up to the Cambridge Weight Loss Plan swapping her usual meals of chicken kiev and buttery mashed potato or pasta and garlic breads for a soup or milkshake.
Meanwhile Emily’s confidence was even lower after splitting with her then boyfriend so mum Alex gently suggested she slim with her.
Emily attended her mother’s first weigh in with her Cambridge weight loss consultant a week later and the pair were astonished to see Alex had lost 11lbs.
Emily signed up on the spot and the women grew even closer as they helped support each other on the plan.
Alex said: ‘ There were hard days but we were there for each other. We knew what the other was going through because we were experiencing the same thing.’
They gave each other practical help too by shopping for healthy food for Emily who included one meal a day in her Cambridge Weight Plan.
Emily said: ‘ We went through the highs and lows. But we had to keep each other going and our consultant was always there for us.’
Emily reached her goal of a four stone weight loss going from a size 18 to a size 8 in December last year and four months later Alex reached her goal of a seven stone loss going from a size 24 to a size 10.
Emily said: ‘ Now mum wears my skinny jeans and I can wear her clothes too. We were close before but now I would describe mum as my best friend. I couldn’t not have done this without her or the Cambridge plan.’
Alex is still too embarrassed to admit her heaviest weight and what she weighs now, but a healthy woman at 5ft five inches tall like Alex will weigh between nine and ten stone putting her start weight in the region of 16 to 17 stone.
The proud mum said the delighted pair were now planning to mark their milestone birthdays with a skydive and party.
She said: ‘ This time last year I was dreading turning 40 now I cannot wait for us to celebrate our big birthdays together.’
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Height 5ft 5inches
Start size 22 – 24
Size now: 10
Height 5ft 8inches
Start size 18
Size now 8