Size 14 mother-of-two who burst into tears after her partner said her body didn’t turn him on drops four dress sizes – and is now a BODYBUILDER

A mother-of-two who burst into tears after her partner said her fuller-figured body didn’t turn him on has dropped four dress sizes and is now a bodybuilder.

Thirty-year-old Isiasha John, from Doncaster, was undressing for a bath when the unnamed man made a cruel jibe about her size 14 frame. The comment made the former yo-yo dieter vow to change her unhealthy ways.

Now, florist Isiasha, who is mum to daughters Morgan-Rose, 11 and Ophelia, two, has lost four stone, regularly hits the gym and takes part in competitions to show off her perfectly-honed size six frame.

5ft 3in Isiasha, who at her heaviest weighed 12 stone, previously described herself as the classic yo-yo dieter.

She said: ‘My weight was always up and down because I would go from one extreme fad diet to the next, but nothing ever kept it off long term and I never ever exercised. I would never have dared go into a gym.’

Recalling the embarrassing incident that made her change he unhealthy ways, she said: ‘I’d recently opened my florist business and I was so focused on making it work and putting so many hours in that my weight had gone up.

‘I was probably the biggest I had ever been at a size 14 but I still thought I looked OK.’
The guy she was seeing at the time did not agree, saying he’d rather go out with his friends because her ‘flabby frumpy body didn’t turn him on’.
She said: ‘I held back the tears until he had gone and then broke down.’

The nasty remark made Isiasha vow to tackle her weight once and for all. She cut out all junk food from her diet and begin eating ‘clean foods’ like vegetables and lean cuts of meat with water.

One month on, and one stone down, she dumped the man. She said: ‘I realised that I was doing it for myself, not him, he’d just given me the kick I needed.’

Later in 2013 Isiasha joined a gym, but still felt too embarrassed to use it properly. She said: ‘I had good intentions, but I felt embarrassed and didn’t really know what I was doing. I used the running machine a few times but would never have dared pick up a weight. In the end I didn’t bother at all.’

But last year, after reaching her target weight of eight and a half stone and a size 10, she plucked up the courage to try again and after current partner Chris Osborne, 32, showed her how to use the weights correctly.
She was soon hooked.

She said: ‘Once I started lifting weights my body changed very quickly, I absolutely loved it. I got a thrill seeing little muscles appear, I loved feeling strong and went to the gym as often as I could.’

On January 1 2014 Isiasha, now 7st 7lbs, made it her New Year’s resolution to enter her first bodybuilding competition.

She said: ‘My family didn’t believe me, they thought I was joking, after all. I’d not long been going to the gym.’

After training five times a week at The Fitness Village in Doncaster, she took to the stage in May.

She said: ‘My daughters were so proud. I wanted to set them a good example by showing them their mum was fit, healthy and strong.

‘It’s important to set the right example to young women and show them it’s not about being skinny, it’s about being healthy.’

Now, she loves helping other women overhaul their diet and exercise by sharing her tips and advice on her Facebook page.

She said: ‘It’s not even about my weight or what size dress I can wear, for me it’s about health, strength and fitness. Thanks to my resolution I’m confident and happy and eat more than I ever have in my life.’

She’s a sponsored athlete and currently preparing for another competition
‘I’ve never made and stuck to a New Year resolution before but this time it changed my life,’ she said. ‘Other women tell me I have inspired them which is by far the biggest compliment.