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We are experts in helping ordinary people tell their extraordinary stories in the press.

Kelly Strange

With a background in news reporting and feature writing for regional and national press Kelly was invited to work for one of Britain’s best selling women’s magazines. She loved helping people share their incredible true- life stories and decided to create an online media agency to make it easy for anybody to sell a story to the press.

Jeremy Durkin

Jeremy co founded Photo-Features with Kelly after a 20- year career as a photo-journalist. As an established editorial photographer Jeremy used to shoot for titles ranging from Hello and OK, to the Sunday Mirror, Daily Mail, Sun, Express and magazines. He now heads up the photography side of Photo-Features.

Gail Titchener

An established freelance writer and editor with almost 20 years’ experience of writing real life features for national women’s magazines, Gail has been part of the Photo – Features team since 2003. During this time she has spoken to hundreds of mums, sisters, daughters, husbands and dads and worked with them to tell their amazing stories in their own words. Gail is a mother of three based in Manchester. 

Danielle Wrate

Journalist and editor Danielle Wrate lives in south east London and divides her time between writing for Photo-Features and running Wrate’s Editing Services (, which helps authors of non-fiction and novels with all aspects of the self-publishing process. After working on various women’s magazines over the years, Danielle loves speaking to people about their real life stories and getting to the heart of what they’ve experienced.

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My todger’s BIONIC!

Transgender man with new £60,000 body including bionic penis funded by the NHS remains a virgin since transitioning four years ago. Lee Carter, 48, reckons he'd be the 'best lover ever' as having lived for more than 40 years as a female, he knows what women want A...


  Biting my lip in concentration I carefully drew on one arch, then the other. Then I took a step back from the mirror to look at my reflection properly. Sighing, I grabbed the make-up remover from the sink and started to scrub, tears prickling. I was going to be...


As I watched TV, I felt my eyelids growing heavy. I settled back onto the sofa and closed my eyes. ‘Teresa,’ my partner Bob said gently, rousing me. ‘Go on up to bed.’ ‘Have I fallen asleep again?’ I yawned, rubbing my eyes. Time was, Bob and I loved an early night...

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