SHOCK AT BEING TOLD MY TURKISH LOVER WHO GOT ME PREGGERS FOR MY BIRTHDAY ALREADY HAD A WIFE. As he leaned over the pool table to take another shot I couldn’t help thinking how Sabri was. Then as if he had read my mind: ‘ Sophie, please will you just kiss me,’ he turned and said. I was 19 and it was only the second night of my holiday in Altrinkum, Turkey. But don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t some naïve holidaymaker being seduced by a local hours after getting off the plane. I’d already known Sabri Tasken, 24, for three years and he’d been a friend of the family for even longer ever since my uncle bought a holiday apartment near the bar where he worked. My uncle had told mum and I all about him long before we’d even set foot in Turkey. Then on our first trip to the apartment when I was 16 he’d met us off the coach to help with our bags. Both mum and I agreed he was drop dead gorgeous as Sabri had pulled our cases to the apartment block and shown us around. Later we arranged to meet him for a meal in the bar where he worked a few minutes walk away. And although he made it clear he fancied me from the start I knew all about the reputation Turkish men had for seducing girls on holiday. ‘Just friends,’ I told him but it didn’t stop the lingering glances and hugs every time we saw him. ‘All the bar workers are like that here Sophie,’ mum warned me and I knew she was right. But back home we stayed in touch on facebook and I couldn’t help feeling excited when we returned the following year. Now Sabri’s English was better we chatted like old friends, but despite his flirting I made it clear we would only ever be that. ‘Don’t worry mum I won’t be another notch on his bed post,’ I told her. And though we had a great time together clubbing and chatting, nothing happened between us. ‘Please Sophie, give me a chance, I’m different to all the other guys,’ he said as the holiday came to an end. ‘Just friend Sabri,’ I told him family, waving goodbye for another year. As the months ticked by to our next holiday we spoke regularly.  I told him how I was forging a career as a model, showed him some of my sexy pictures. ‘You are my angel Sophie, I miss you so much,’ Sabri told me. I felt myself melting. Perhaps he was different. He’d been chasing me for two years by the time me and mum flew back again the following year. By now the tension between us sizzled like the hot Turkish sun. ‘He hasn’t given up so perhaps he is serious about me,’ I said to mum. Because she’d known him so long now she trusted him too. So that night I knew our first kiss meant the start of something serious. And for the rest of the holiday we were inseperable. Because we’d already known each other so long it didn’t seem crazy to admit we were falling in love with each other. When it came to say goodbye Sabri broke down. But back home now we were a couple we stayed in touch every day on Skype or facebook. In the winter months Sabri would leave the resort to go back to the village where his family lived. It meant phone reception was difficult but he’d still find a way to contact me every few days. Only now when I told him about partying with my friends or my latest modeling shoot he’d go quiet. ‘Now we are a couple I don’t like you posing for men, ‘ he admitted. Art first I told him not to be so daft. I loved modeling and dreamed of a career in the industry. But Sabri remained firm. ‘ It just isn’t respectful Sophie if we have a future together.’ I was shocked but understood in his culture women just didn’t do things like that. So I agreed not to do any more shoots. Instead I concentrated on my job behind the till at Asda, It wasn’t as glamorous but at least Sabri was happy. But not for long. ‘ I don’t like you going out drinking without me,’ he told me after a girls night out. I’d spent enough time in Turkey to know the wives rarely went out without husbands. I wanted to show him I was serious about becoming his wife so I agreed to no more girl’s nights out. My mates were shocked when I told them I was staying in to please Sabri. But I knew they didn’t really understand Turkish culture like I did. Finally the holiday season started again it was time to fly back to Sabri. This time I went alone. When we fell into each other’s arms at the airport I knew I’d never loved anyone as much as Sabri. It was time to take our relationship to the next level and that night we finally made love. He made a point of introducing me to lots of friends of his with English wives. ‘See how this can work,’ he beamed. But now when he went to the bar he came back with a juice for me instead of my usual glass of wine. And later in the week when he frowned at my short skirt I happily swapped it for leggings and a long top. Seeing his smile of approval made me happy. But when I skyped mum, : ‘You don’t look like you are having much fun,’ she said. She was right. Instead of clubbing and drinking Sabri just wanted us to stay in. A few months later I flew back for a holiday with mum. But when I refused to have a drink in the bar with her she looked disappointed. ‘Just a couple then,’ I grinned, but when sabri found out he was angry. I can smell it on you,’ he grimaced later. So I promised him not to drink again the rest of the holiday. Poor mum looked bored but when Sabri talked about us getting married I knew I’d done the right thing. But before we could get engaged he said I would need to delete all my modeling pictures because they were distasteful. I’d been so proud of the shoots. But dutifully I did as he asked and even when I was back home I started dressing more modestly. ‘No more short skirts low tops,’ I told mum wrapping up in a tunic and leggings. Sabri was delighted and when I flew back in May 2013 he jokingly wrapped a scarf round my head like the local woman wore. ‘ Now that is more like it,’ he smiled approvingly and snapped a picture. This time I met his brother and English wife. ‘ This will be us soon one day,’ he smiled. Months later it was my 21st. I wanted to spend it with Sabri so I booked a flight and he told me he was booking somewhere special for us to stay. The room was amazing, with a giant Jacuzzi tub, but there was eve even bigger surprise when we went to make love and he said it was time to stop using protection. My heart flipped. I knew what it meant; He wanted to start a family with me. I couldn’t have asked for a better 21st birthday present. ‘Are you sure,’ I smiled. Yes he said. ‘You are mummy and I am daddy.’ We made love without condoms for the rest of the week so I don’t know why I was surprised when back home my period was late. At test confirmed I was expecting. I rang Sabri: ‘ You’ve given me the best birthday present ever,’ I told him: ‘ I’m pregnant with our baby.’ Sabri whooped with joy. As the holiday season was almost over he was about to travel back to the village where his family lived. ”I will tell my family the news but we will have to get married sooner now you are pregnant,’ he said. ‘Fine by me,’ I beamed. Now I had a wedding and a baby to look forward too. Only weeks later Sabri stopped replying to emails and messages. And I couldn’t get him on the phone. ‘I know there’s no reception in the village but he could at least let me know he’s OK,’ I huffed. There was no sign of him on facebook either. I started to panic. I remembered the brother he’d introduced me too and scrolled through his friends list until I recognized a picture. Then I sent him a message explaining I was desperate to reach Sabri and was carrying his child. Releif surged when a few hours later I received a reply. Only when I started to read my mouth fell open in shock. ‘ Sabri is already married. Leave him alone,’ it warned. What? Impossible. I was going to be his wife. Only as days passed with no contact I started to wonder if it could be true. Had I really spent the last few years turning myself into his perfect Turkish wife when he already had one? I shuddered at the thought I had been nothing more than a mistress. ‘ I gave up my friends, my career, everything for him,’ I wailed. ‘What am I going to do Mum? ,’ I wept rubbing my bump. But nature took over and three weeks later I was at home when I started bleeding. I rushed to hospital and doctors confirmed I was miscarrying our baby. Now months on I’ve still not heard a word from Sabri. He’s blocked me on facebook and won’t answer calls or texts. But I’m slowly pulling my old life back together, clubbing with the girls and I want to start modeling again. I wasted too much of my life of Sabri. I don’t want any other girl to do the same. ENDS