Mum of three is begging strangers for a kidney so she can stay alive to watch her three daughters grow up. She needs an organ transplant after suffering complications when treated for a spider bite.

 A DESPERATE mum of three is begging the public for a new kidney after her organs started shitting down following a spider bite. She says the medication used to treat the suspected false widow bite caused her kidneys to fail.

Carly Anderson, 36, from Eltham, South London, is making the heartbreaking appeal because she doesn’t want to leave daughters Ellie, 14, Jessica, 6, and Billie, 4, without a mum.
Carly was already suffering with Type 1 diabetes when she was bitten while sunbathing at home last year and said the treatment made her condition much worse. Doctors say her kidneys are now functioning at just 12 per cent and her only chance of life is a donor
But sadly a match has not been found in her family so Carly is hoping a member of the public might read her plight and want to help.
She says: ‘ It’s a big ask I know. It’s not like asking for a new pair of slippers I’m asking for a kidney. It will be the best present I could ever have.
‘If anybody can donate a kidney to me they will be giving me the gift of life and giving my daughters the gift of their mummy to look after them watch them grow up.’
Carly was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 13 years old after suffering severe headaches.
She said: ‘ It was a shock but I got used to injecting myself.’
Her condition stabilized, but changed after having her eldest daughter Ellie when she was 23.
Following the birth she was also diagnosed with an underactive thyroid.
She said: ‘ I was so tired I could barely stay awake, I thought it was the baby but it was my thyroid. I started taking a lot more medication and hoped it was under control.’
But in 2005 aged 25 she suffered a massive heart attack while at home.
She said: ‘ I’d been having chest pains and thought it was indigestion. I went to a friend’s party but felt so unwell I left and came home. It was then I felt a huge weight on my chest and collapsed.’
Thankfully her brother also left the party early and found Carly unconscious on the sofa and called an ambulance.
The next thing she recalls is coming round from a coma two weeks later.
She said: ‘ I was stunned when they said I’d had a heart attack. You usually associate them with old people but I was only 25 and my daughter was two.’

In 2009 she met builder Ryan Rice and then in 2011 fell pregnant with their daughter Jessica.
Just six months after Jessica was born she fell pregnant by surprise for the third time and daughter Billie was born at just 26 weeks.
She said: ‘ My blood pressure was so dangerously high they had to deliver her or we would have both died.’
Carly was sterilized during the birth as doctors feared another pregnancy would be too much of a strain on her body.
She said: ‘ I would have loved more children, my kids are my life but I had to do what was right for them.’
Then last year she began suffering with chest pains. She said: ‘ I went to the GP a few times but was told not to worry.’
Then her legs began to swell and she was admitted to hospital for tests which revealed she had been suffering mini heart attacks.
Carly spent seven weeks in critical care and was told she needed a triple heart bypass but was too poorly to survive surgery.
She said: ‘ Ryan had to give up his job to look after the girls.’
Surgeons eventually managed to stent each side of her heart to improve blood flow.
She said: ‘ I felt like a new woman, I had so much energy it was amazing.’
The family hoped it was a new start.
But last year she was bitten by the spider and her health declined. In September this year routine tests revealed that she was suffering with acute kidney failure.
She said: ‘ They blamed it one the medication for the spider bite basically killing off my kidneys. They called me at home because the function was so low and dropping rapidly. It’s since dropped from 22 per cent to just 12 per cent and last month doctors said I’ll die without a transplant.
‘ The family members that are well enough to donate have been tested but there is no match. I’m devastated because dying is not an option. I have three daughters that need me.
‘Without a kidney I will die. I am begging for help. Dying is not an option for me.’