Jan Ford was looking for husband No7 after being married 6 times and thing’s not really working out. We helped publish her great true life story in the Daily Mirror as well as Best magazine. Not only might Jan find husband No7 she will also get two payments for publishing her story in a national magazine as well as a national newspaper. Read Jan’s full story below:

I’ve already had six husbands – now I’m looking for number seven!

As far as addictions go, Jan Ford is sure nothing could be more powerful than hers – she is hooked on husbands.

The 62-year-old has six weddings under her belt and is on the hunt for husband number seven.

She’s so desperate to get married again, she hopes telling her story will help her find another man.

“People might think I’m mad for getting married so many times but I love the happy endings,” says Jan.

“Finding the perfect husband has dominated my life, but I won’t give up. He is out there somewhere – it’s just a process of elimination now.”

She’s wed husbands ranging in age from 23 to 90, and said “I do” in churches and register offices – but she still dreams of saying her vows again.

“People think I would have given up by now, but I’m a romantic and that’s what makes me so addicted to finding Mr Right. But it always goes wrong after the wedding.”

Ironically, Jan didn’t want to get married when she was growing up.

“Lots of women dream of being a bride, but I wasn’t one of them. I was too busy having fun,” she says.

But all that changed when, aged 18, she met 23-year-old Dennis Parsons. “I found out I was pregnant.

“It was frowned upon, so our parents expected us to do the right thing.”

The couple married three weeks later in a church after gaining a special licence on the grounds that Dennis, a sailor, was due back at sea.

“We didn’t tell guests I was expecting, but it became clear,” admits Jan.

But Jan, from Southminster, Essex, struggled to cope with her newborn. She says: “I loved being a wife and mother and loved the idea of being in a close family. But with Dennis at sea I knew it wouldn’t be like that.”

Their son was five when Jan delivered an ultimatum. “I told him it was the Navy or me and he sailed off without looking back, so I decided to file for divorce.”

But rather than put her off, the split made her more desperate for the perfect family, so she started her 45-year quest to find Mr Right.

The following year she met plumber Chris Barnett, 24, in a bar.

“He was four years younger but it wasn’t an issue at first,” she says.

The couple dated for three years before Jan discovered she was expecting once again.

“Chris was horrified and said he was too young. I think he thought I had trapped him, but I was on the pill so it was a shock for me too,” Jan insists.

When he calmed down, Chris agreed to give it a go and moved in but started spending more time at work. She was heavily pregnant when a woman turned up one day and snapped the wipers off his car.

“It was obvious he’d been carrying on and I felt such a fool,” recalls Jan. “I loved him and my hormones were everywhere so I agreed to try again.”

When their son was born, Chris doted on him and was fantastic with Jan’s first child. Two years later they married in a register office.

“He didn’t want anyone there, which should have told me something, but I was too obsessed with building a family to see it.”

After the wedding, however, she heard of more affairs and three years after exchanging vows, Jan told Chris to leave. “I was devastated but I deserved better. I had to be single to find what I wanted,” she says.

Jan was working in a newsagent when she met her next hubby-to-be the following year. Chris Robinson, 37, used to pop in for cigarettes before he started work at Tesco next door. “We would flirt and I was feeling low so I accepted his offer to go out.”

Chris showered her with compliments and got on well with her boys, and Jan wondered if she’d found her third husband. She says: “It was a total whirlwind and he asked me to marry him within weeks. I accepted straight away, sure he was the one.”

But as the date approached Jan began to have doubts.

They went through with the wedding, but three weeks later Jan got the marriage annulled. It was another 18 months before she walked down the aisle again.

Stephen Raper was five years younger and a jockey-turned-barman. They met in the pub where Jan worked. “He was a nice bloke and we ended up kissing. We’d only been together a few months when the conversation turned to marriage.”

Stephen hadn’t been married before and insisted on a huge church do for all his family and friends. Only as the big day drew closer, Jan, for the first time got the jitters.

“I worried it was a mistake and I told him I didn’t want to go through with it,” she recalls.

Stephen was so devastated, Jan changed her mind. But after the honeymoon, he struggled to find work and the couple rowed.

They divorced a few months later, although, by that time, Jan had already joined a dating agency.

She was on a date with another man when she met David Ford, 44, at a dance. “My date was dancing around with every woman he could get his hands on and David rescued me,” she recalls.

Flowers arrived the next day and Jan wondered if she had finally met Prince Charming.

“He whisked me off my feet. I thought I had met someone who would treat me like a lady,” says Jan. But after tying the knot she soon discovered they had very different views on marriage.

In the past Jan admits the men have always led her in life, but this time she thought she was too old to mess about. “I thought ‘I don’t want to get it wrong again’, so I called time just before our six month anniversary.”

After five husbands in 29 years, Jan started to wonder if she was better alone. But she missed the thrill of the search.

Then aged 49, she met her sixth husband. Frank Steele lived around the corner. “He had a glint in his eye and was always saying cheeky things about what he would do to me if he was 40 years younger,” she laughs. “He was dapper and good company.’

Frank’s greatest fear was having to move into a nursing home so the couple hatched a plan to take care of each other.

“I wanted a husband, he wanted a wife so it made sense for us to get wed,” Jan says.

Six months after they met, Jan was moving in as the new Mrs Steele. She didn’t expect to consummate the marriage but to her surprise Frank was good between the sheets.

But in under a week, things had gone sour.

“We had a row over money for a new Hoover. He’d given it to me that morning but forgotten.” When Jan went out, Frank locked the door and wouldn’t let her back in.

“It was mortifying. I’d given up my house to move in with Frank so had to live with my son in his flat. I was devastated it had come to this.”

A year on, Jan filed for divorce and learned Frank had died in a nursing home months earlier. Now, despite lots of dates, she’s struggling to find husband number seven.

“It might sound crazy, but despite having my fingers burned, I still want to find my soul mate.

I want someone to grow old with and I want to share old age with them. I have a cat but it’s just not the same.

“I won’t give up on finding Mr Right. He’s out there and I will find him.”