‘Thanks to your donations, we made our dying daughter’s wish come true’: Terminally ill girl, 3, goes on dream holiday to Disneyland thanks to MailOnline readers

A terminally ill three-year-old has been given the chance to visit Disneyland thanks to the generosity of MailOnline readers.

Isabella Coomber, from London, was diagnosed with a brain tumour when she was one.
Before Christmas her mother, Jolene Hale, 33, decided to stop her treatment to allow her to enjoy the time she has left.

Ms Hale asked Isabella what she would like for Christmas and she replied that she would like to go back to Disneyland in America.

Ms Hale was heartbroken as she knew she could not afford this trip.
But desperate to make her little girl’s last wish come true, she appealed for donations.

Generous donations flowed in and Ms Hale was able to take Isabella and her sisters to Disneyland earlier this month.

She said: ‘Thanks to the amazing support we received after our story appeared we were able to make our daughter’s dream come true just in time.
‘She loved every minute of Disneyland and we made memories we will treasure forever.’

Tragically, days after they flew home a scan at the Royal Marsden Hospital revealed Isabella’s brain tumour has grown.

Doctors have now warned she has just 12 weeks to live.
Ms Hale said: ‘It was not the news we wanted to hear, but we knew this awful day was coming.
‘The tumour is growing fast so all we can do is continue to fill each day of her life with laughter, joy and happiness.

‘But three months feels like being told we have just five minutes.
‘All we can do is continue to have as much fun as possible and create many more memories while Isabella is happy and pain free.’

The family have this week taken Isabella on a last minute trip to the Canary Islands to build sandcastles in the sun.

Ms Hale explained: ‘Ever since they told me Isabella would not make summer I have yearned to see the sunshine on her beautiful face one more time.

‘But unfortunately it rained pretty much every day of our trip to Florida and has rained ever since here in England.

‘Isabella loves toddling around with a bucket and spade so when we got this awful news we decided to fly to the sun while she is in good strength so she can feel the warmth on her back one more time.

‘It will be our last ever holiday as a family and the girls wanted to build sandcastles together.
‘When you are told the clock is ticking you can’t help but try to cram a lifetime into what few short days you have left.’

The family will continue to fundraise to ensure Isabella’s last few weeks are as much fun as possible.
They also hope to arrange a day trip to Blackpool for Isabella to ride a donkey, and a school trip with her nursery class.

Ms Hale said: ‘She has always wanted to go on a school trip like her big sister but we know that she will never get the chance. So if she can go on a trip with her nursery class it’s another experience we have managed to give her.’

Any remaining funds will be spent on running the Little Lion’s Den, a caravan providing free holidays to the families of young children with cancer.

Isabella was just one when she was diagnosed with a rare brain tumour after her mother became concerned that she was not developing normally.

She underwent surgery and chemotherapy with no success so her parents began fundraising to take her to America for radical new treatment.

But doctors said there was no hope of a cure and arranged chemotherapy to try and prolong her life.
But having endured ten months of the 12 month course she was desperately sick and faced spending her last Christmas either in hospital or too weak to enjoy it.

So doctors agreed with Ms Hale that treatment should be halted to allow her to enjoy quality time with her family, including sisters Rebecca, seven and Sophia, one, who accompanied her to Disneyland.

Ms Hale said: ‘We wouldn’t wish this on anyone. But the love and support from strangers who read our story has been humbling and for that we cannot say thank you enough.’

If you wish to donate visit: www.gofundme.com/xcjw8