Jo could have her cake and eat it and she thought every woman should know her secret. She could eat what ever she wanted and still keep her curvy size 12 figure.. We helped Jo publish her fantastic diet story in Thats Life magazine earning her extra pounds in the right way. Read Jo’s full story below.


I eat whatever I want and have liposuction every year


Jo refuses point blank to give up her three cream cakes a day but still manages to stay a trim size 12.


She says she’s found the perfect answer to eating what she wants and keeping hold of her figure.


But her controversial decision to have liposuction EVERY single year has cost her family and friends.


She’d had liposuction or reduction surgery in seven places over the last five years and admits she is addicted to the procedure.


It’s cost her family and friends as well as several thousands pounds, but Jo says having your fat sucked out or cut off instead of cutting back on the calories is the only way to diet.


Now she’s planning her eighth operation and says she will have liposuction every year for life.


The 41 year old says: ‘People can say what they want about me, but as far as I’m concerned I’ve got the perfect solution. I eat as much as I want, I drink all the wine I want, then simply ask my surgeon to suck it all out.


‘In a way I guess it’s like extreme bulimia, only instead of being sick I get it sucked out.’


‘There’s no way I would ever give up. I’d just get fat and then I wouldn’t be happy. The buzz of liposuction is a real high.’


Jo’s first dalliance with cosmetic surgery was 11 years ago in 2000 when she had liposuction to her stomach after her son was born.


Though the procedure left her tummy lumpy and bumpy, she was still thrilled to drop a size over night.


But when the buzz started to wear off and in 2006 she went back under the knife this time to reduce the size of her bust.


‘I felt my big boobs were making me look fatter so rather than diet I decided to get them made smaller.’


Jo was thrilled but in 2007 she was feeling curvier than she liked thanks to her love of red wine and steaming bowl of pasta.


So rather than diet she decided a tummy tuck and more liposuction was the answer. She was right, dropping from a 14 to a ten.


‘The rush was amazing and even before the stitches healed I was planning the next operation.’


But first Jo enjoyed another 17 months of scoffing her favourite foods.


Then back at a size 14, she hopped on a plane to Budapest for liposcution to her tummy, thighs and buttocks returning a size ten.


So earlier this year when her face started looking chubby, Jo simply ate another cake and called her surgeon.


She travelled to Budapest with her 11 -year –old son Robbie, for more liposuction. Her surgeon sucked out 70cl of fat – the size of a large wine glass, from her double chin.


Later this year she’ll go back for her arms and will probably need her tummy done again before the end of the year.


‘I’m a size 12 now but I won’t deny myself, there’s no need because I’m going to get it sucked out soon. Some family don’t talk to me, I don’t know why because it’s nothing to do with them.


‘I work and I’ve got the money so why not. I’d rather have liposuction than give up cakes any day of the week.’


‘Yes it means going without treats and that money could be spent on other things, but it makes me happy.’