Deborah Harvey contact Photo-Features wanting us to help publish her health story and let other women know the possible side effects of having a hysterectomy. She had to deal with a lot more than a few hot flushes, read her full story below: Newly wed Deborah had made a stunning bride, her youthful skin and slim figure meant she looked younger than her years and new hubby Paul was thrilled to have such a gorgeous wife. But just ten months later her looks and her marriage were both in tatters…. When Deborah agreed to have a hysterectomy to put an end to years of period pain, she never expected the operation would threaten her marriage by stealing her looks. The then newly married mother of three says the procedure – which removed her womb and ovaries – left her marriage, confidence and looks in tatters. Deborah, 46, made a stunning bride when she wed partner Paul in September 2008. Two years his elder, the young looking grandma was often mistaken for her daughter’s sister. But just ten months after the wedding it was a very different story. Removing her ovaries triggered early menopause which saw her teeth fall OUT, hair snap off and skin wrinkle practically overnight. She says she went to hospital a happy, healthy, good looking new bride and came home on old hag. Just three days later every tooth in her mouth become wobbly. The her hair started falling out and snapping off. Deborah was haunted by the thought that her husband would regret marrying her now she looked so different. Confidence in tatters she bitterly regretted entering into the hysterectomy so lightly when she could have had other procedures to ease her period pain. Her skin become more wrinkly and dry and every night she was having hot flushes that left their marital bed soaked with sweat. As newly weds they were supposed to be more passionate than ever. But nothing was further from the truth. Plunged into depression and despair she grew apart from her husband as he struggled to understand what was going on. Deborah became snappy, tearful, distant and hated going out because of the way she looked. This was supposed to be the happiest year of their life, but just ten months after the wedding it was in tatters. Her husband barely recognised her as the women he’d wed and she didn’t recognise herself. Their sex life stopped and unable to communicate they even discussed splitting before their first anniversary. The hysterectomy had destroyed everything. And Deborah felt to blame. She would have carried on with pain killers to cope at the time of the month – anything but this. Her children by an earlier marriage tried to support her, but they had to admit she looked ten years older. Once she had looked like Paul’s younger woman, now it was the other way around. And there didn’t seem to be any support available for women who felt the way she did – or their suffering husbands. Now she wants to support other couples through the operation after managing to save her own marriage. Deborah’s husband agrees and now as a couple they are launching on line support forum for wives and their husband to talk about the devastating effects of hysterectomy emotionally and physically. Deborah says: ‘ I thought it would be as easy as whipping it out and the pain being over. In fact it was the start of my real troubles. ‘At times I didn’t want to go on. I aged overnight, my husband couldn’t understand why I was so distressed. I could barely function and worst of all I only had myself to blame for agreeing to the operation. Now after a tear of HRT treatment Deborah is finally feeling like herself again and is desperate to share her story to help other women make the right decision regarding hysterectomy. ‘It sounds like a solution that’s too good to be true and when they asked if I wanted my ovaries out to reduce risk of cancer I agreed. I didn’t know I was signing up to aging ten years overnight, losing my teeth and hair. ‘I’d have lived with the period pain and gone through the menopause when it was the right time for my body.