I woke up to find my teenage son raping me…

This article in Chat magazine took almost two years to publish and is one of the most distressing stories we have ever been asked to work on.

Donna wanted us to write an article about why she took her teenage son to court for raping her.

He was charged after she woke up to find the 15- year old having sex with her during the night.
Horrified Donna called police to their home and told them her son had raped her. He was arrested and initially admitted what he had done to police.
She was taken to the rape suit for evidence to be collected.
Naturally this tore her family apart, some of them felt she should not have reported her own son but she wanted to do the right thing and protect other women.
It took a year for the case to go to court but by then her son was pleading not guilty. He claimed he had been given bad advice early on by the duty solicitor.
The police had DNA evidence that proved he’d had sex with his mother so they were still positive they would win a conviction despite the change of plea.
His mother had to give evidence in court and was a nervous wreck. As well as the emotional impact of the rape she felt she had lost her youngest son who was now ‘ dead’ to her.
Donna was horrified when son’s barrister said the sex had been consensual because she’d had a drink that night. They had been a totally normal family up until that night, with her sons living between her and their father.
Police then informed her that he had been acquitted. The case was heard in juvenile court so there was no jury and the judge felt it was her word against her son’s.
Apparently because she’d had a drink the judge felt there was no choice but to find him not guilty.
The whole ordeal has totally destroyed Donna who finds the thought she would consent to have sex with her own – drunk or sober – son absolutely disgusting.
She’s struggled to come to terms with it all and been left feeling suicidal.
Her physical and mental health has suffered and her family has been destroyed, but she still says she does not regret reporting her son because her allegation will remain on file.
She is quite sure if he can rape his own mother he will strike again and she hopes her case will help his next victim win a conviction. Due to legal reasons Donna was not able to be be name or pictured so we worked closely with her to tell her story without revealing her real identity or that of her son.

Donna is very proud that though she feels failed by the justice system, her voice has finally been heard.