Laura and Karl were excited about the arrival of their third child.

When Laura and Karl went into hospital for the birth of their third child – they never imagined the delivery would leave them both so traumatized they were reliant on FOOD BANKS to feed their family.

But the birth of their third child was so horrific that both were diagnosed with PTSD and Karl, 43, had to take a year off work.

Laura was left completely incontinent and relying on a catheter at the age of 32 meaning the couple have been unable to have sex in the 16 months since he was born and don’t know if they ever will again.

Both mother and baby almost died when her uterus unknowingly ruptured during labour – but medics refused to believe the pain she was in was anything more than normal labour pains.

She claims her agony was ignored and she was told to keep pushing with horrific results.

In too much pain to push, her baby got stuck and Laura’s vagina was sliced open t to delivery baby who was unresponsive.

At first her massive blood loss was thought to be down to labour and the cut…

But as he battled for life in baby care having been starved of oxygen – mum Laura noticed she was completely incontinent and unable to hold bladder.

But there was no time to think about it as baby Jenson battled life threatening NEC and had a major op to remove most of his bowel having been starved of oxygen for so long.

It meant the tot had to be fitted with a stoma bag to collect his waste and meanwhile Laura was still unable to hold her bladder.

As he was recovering from his op investigations on mum Laura revealed she had suffered a rare uterine rupture – no wonder she had been in so much pain. She needed urgent surgery.

A skin graft was taken from vagina to repair internal fistulas and she had a full hysterctomy.

But the op was not a success and she was still incontinent – constantly leaking wee and using huge pads at age of 32.

Karl was forced to leave his job as a mechanic to look after the other kids as she had more ops to try and repair her insides.

Finally mum and baby were allowed home months later but it was tough. Laura was still in pain and relying on Karl to run the home. He couldn’t work and suffered depression since the birth.

It meant the couple struggled for money without his working and debts piled up until eventually they ended up at the food bank relying on handouts to feed the family.

Both were finally diagnosed with PTSD – brought on by the birth of their baby and how life had spiraled since.

Baby Jenson is now 16 months old and Laura and Karl have still not been able to have sex since the delivery.

She struggled to bond with Jenson but therapy is helping.

The pair say that the birth of their third child together was the most traumatic experience of their lives but hope that with counseling their relationship will survive.

He has finally just been able to return to work and Laura manages with the help of family and friends while she waits to find out if more surgery will ever repair her bladder.

Laura said: ‘ We went into hospital excited to meet our baby and came out with our lives destroyed.

‘What happened in the delivery room has led to our relationship being pushed to the brink. At just 33 I am incontinent and unable to have sex with my partner.

‘Apart from the pain, the shame of weeing all over him is enough to not want to have sex.

‘My birth left my partner with PTSD. We went from a normal family to lining up at the foodbank because of what happened in that delivery room.

‘Having our baby ruined our lives and I breaks my heart to say that because none of it is his fault. It makes you feel awful to admit that at times I wished we hadn’t had him because it has been so hard.

‘I just hope we can now start to rebuild our life. Its been a nightmare for all of us but I want to explain how traumatic it has been for my partner, people can’t understand how my birth gave him PTSD but when you read our story it makes sense.

Karl said: ‘ I have always been a proud man and worked for the family but after what happened in that delivery room our lives went to pot.

‘Seeing Laura like that screaming with so much blood and not being able to help her was horrific. To then be told our son might die and watch him go through surgery followed by Laura having surgery felt never ending.

She was so unwell I had to take over the kids and home and we both hit rock bottom. Ending up at the foodbank was the lowest point. It didn’t seem possible.

Being told I had PTSD caused by the birth was almost a relief to know what was happening and that men can get it too.’



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