Every real life story is different but Photo-Features can quickly provide you with an estimate of what your story is worth based on recent sales of similar stories. Complete the form or call us on 0800 0665 905.

Most of our clients contact us because they want to raise awareness of an issue close to their heart, but selling your story can also be lucrative and a great way to earn money for yourself or a charity.

Our staff ensure our clients the best deal by contacting the editors of all the newspapers and magazines in the UK and finding out which title is willing to pay you the most for your exclusive story.



How Much Generic

Once we have negotiated with them on your behalf we will be able to confirm the best offer for your story in writing. Typically payments range between £100 to £2,000, sometimes more, depending on how shocking, unusual or sensitive your story is and how many times we can sell it for you.

Deals with multiple publications will earn you more money and more coverage. We’ll advise you on how to make the most from selling your story while ensuring your other goals and needs are met.

This is our preferred method, but occasionally we might suggest a different approach based on the needs of your story. For example, if your priority is promoting your appeal, campaign or business we might suggest telling your story as a news article or online first.

News stories and online coverage is not lucrative in terms of payments, but the coverage could be invaluable to your cause. Creating publicity for your story might also help us increase interest in your story from magazines, newspapers and television.

If you don’t have unrealistic expectations you will likely be pleasantly surprised by what you can earn and we will create a media plan that will ensure you do as well as possible both in terms of fee and coverage. Complete the story form or call us now on our freephone hotline number 0800 0665 905 to find out what your story could be worth.


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