Kelly sent us an email wanting someone to help her tell her story about her diet dilemma. The 29 year old lost almost 10 stone and was left with excess skin which she wanted desperately to be removed! Read Kelly’s full story below.

Kelly has a warning for women trying to slim – don’t bother.

She delighted doctors by cancelling an NHS gastric bypass after losing the weight herself.

But shrinking from a size 28 left the 29 year old with the wrinkled saggy body of a 90 year old and too ashamed to make love.

Now after saving the NHS thousands, Kelly has been refused a skin operation and is on the verge of binge eating all her weight back on to save her sex life because she says folds of fat are preferable to folds of wrinkly skin…

Mother of three Kelly says losing six stone in eight months ruined her life.

The 29 year old has not had sex with her husband for nearly half a year because after dropping eight dress sizes she detests her new slimmer body.

She’s even considered binging on food until she puts all the weight back on because she preferred being fat to having the wrinkly saggy body of a pensioner.

Kelly thought making love when she was a size 28 was difficult, but at least she had big boobs, a cuddly tummy and bouncy bum.

Now when she peels of she looks like a melted candle and is so ashamed of her appearance she won’t let husband Andy near her.

Kelly says: ‘ I’ve told Andy unless I can get my skin cut off I’ll have no choice but to binge myself fat again to fill it out.

‘I’d rather be fat than have folds of skin hanging of me like a freak. I’ve just turned 30 but I feel like I look 90.’

Kelly’s battle with her weight started after her first baby when she was 19. She went on to have two more children, gaining more weight each time.

She told herself mums were supposed to be cuddly, and even pretended she had shrunk her clothes in the wash when she needed to go bigger. But in reality she was morbidly obese.

Peaking at a size 28 to 30 and 24 stone and after failing ever diet on the market, her GP referred her for gastric surgery.

Kelly was given the go ahead for a gastric bypass but as she waited for a date decided to give slimming classes one last go.

She admits she was nervous about having such a major op, especially with three kids at home.

To her astonishment this time it worked and the weight dropped off. Fuelled by the relief of not having to have surgery she kept going and cancelled her gastric op leaving her doctors delighted. She had saved the NHS thousands with her hard work.

Her confidence started to bloom as she dropped sizes but then she noticed something. Thick lumps of skin hanging like wings from every limb.

Instead of one fat tummy, she now had six lumpy smaller tummies made up of skin bulges.

To the outside world she was a successful slimmer her clothes hid her secret and she saw her GP again. This time Kelly asked for help removing the excess skin.

After saving the NHS lots of money by losing the weight herself she was confident they would agree. After all, losing the skin was not something she would do herself or she would.

But to her horror she was turned down.

With three kids aged 11, nine and six, there is barely a penny left to save for the £10,000 op, especially as Andy is retraining at college.

And so rather than face a future trapped in a freaky body, she’s on the verge of her binge -eating plan.

‘Andy is telling me not to because I’ve worked so hard. I’m proud that I’ve lost the weight but who would be proud to look like this at my age?

‘When I was fat at least we had sex, but now I can’t bring myself to with everything flapping around.

‘If I move arms it looks like I’m going to take off.

‘I can’t help feeling that if I had used the NHS for surgically assisted weight loss they would help me with my skin.

‘But because I decided to do it myself and save them money I am being punished.

‘If I can’t get rid of the skin I’ll have no choice but to fill it back up with fat.’