Read Christine’s real life amazing weight loss story. We helped sell her amazing body makeover story to Real People magazine earning her extra cash. Read her full story below:

Care worker Christine Morris has lost 12 stone and had three metres of skin cut off – just to go to her work’s Christmas party.

The 41 year old from Oxford decided to take drastic action because she has NEVER been to a Christmas or New Year party before.

Weighing 24 stone and a size 28 she felt she was too fat to dance, so stayed home while colleagues celebrated.

But after divorcing she decided to get herself in party shape by embarking on a series of eye watering operations.

First a gastric band to lose 11 stone, followed by a full body lift to remove all the saggy skin from her arms, stomach, boobs and bottom which left her looking like a giant jelly.

Now after having more than three metres of skin trimmed away she is at last ready to party.

Christine who is 5ft 4ins now weighs 11 stone and is a size 14.

‘I can’t wait to hit the dance floor this year. I’ve always been too fat to dance so just stayed at home eating instead. Now I finally have a body I can move,’ she says.

‘I lost 12 stone in a year thanks to my gastric band but I was still too fat to go out because of all the excess skin I’d been left with. It took two men eight hours to cut it all off.’

‘I’ve sacrificed a lot to get here, but it’s all been worth it. Now I can’t wait to go to the party like everyone else. I’ll feel like Cinderella at the ball.’

Before her transformation Christine would spend New Years Eve and Xmas Eve in her pyjamas eating chocolate.

‘There’s no question this is going to be my best Christmas ever.’

Christine had always struggled with her weight but after losing both her parents it crept up even higher.

Then a few years later her marriage collapsed and she reached 23 stone.

‘Friends would ask me to go out with them but I always refused. I’d felt too fat to go out when I was married, now I was even bigger,’ she says.

Christine was no so big that she even had to suffer the humiliation of paying to have her car seat belt extended.

But then just a few months later she peaked at 24 and a half stone – morbidly obese – she broke the driver’s seat of her Golf.

‘I was utterly humiliated. It was the final straw,’ she says.

‘I’d reached my lowest ebb and was actually starting to think I would be better off dead. This was no life for anyone.’

All diets had failed and she simply couldn’t stop eating so at the end of 2008 Christine decided a gastric band was the answer.

‘My sister Tricia was worried sick. After losing mum and dad we only had each other left. She told me I was risking my life. I honestly didn’t care though because I knew I didn’t want to go on as I was so I had nothing to lose. If it didn’t work I would want to die anyway.’

So she booked a £4,000 operation in Tunisia using savings.

‘I love my job as a carer but I don’t earn a lot so there was no way I could afford the operation in the UK. I was nervous about going abroad but then I found the advisor Linda Briggs whom had had several operations herself at a clinic in Tunisia so I knew it must be good.’

Christine suffered another humiliation on the way.

‘I was too fat for the seatbelt so they had to get an extension for me. It just re-affirmed that I was doing the right thing and I didn’t feel nervous at all.’

Christine was surprised when she saw the clinic. ‘It actually looked more like a posh spa or hotel. It was nothing like the hospitals here in the UK. Everything was brand new and really clean.’

She had the operation the following morning.

‘There was no pain, just a small incision. But I could feel the difference immediately. I wasn’t hungry and when I did eat just a few mouthfuls of watery soup filled me up.’

Christine lost an astonishing 14lb in the first week .

‘I couldn’t see a difference in my body at that stage because at my size a stone was a drop in the ocean. But the scales gave me the incentive to stick at it.

‘People think a band is a miracle cure. To some degree it is but you can still cheat by drinking fatty milkshakes or really creamy stuff so you still need some self control.’

So Christine swapped slabs of chocolate and takeaways for mini portions of chicken and vegetables.

‘Before I’d be able to eat a large bag of chips and still be hungry, but now just one roast potato left me feeling full. It was fantastic and the weight kept dropping off.’

Just 12 months on Christine had lost 10 stone and within 16 months of the operation was down to 13st 7lbs

‘People were congratulating me and there was no denying I felt a million times better but what they didn’t know was that the success on the scales had left me with a new problem.

Beneath her clothes Christine was hiding huge folds of skin which simply had not retracted.

The layers of excess skin made her look bigger than she actually was and more embarrassingly would jiggle if she tried to run or dance.

‘Stood still in clothes I looked better yes but if I had tried to dance I would have wobbled like a massive jelly. There was no way I could have got naked.’

It was worst around her tummy where the skin hung like a huge apron, even concealing the tops of her legs.

‘My breasts looked awful too, without the fat to hide them they were all misshaped and wonky.’

So it was another Xmas and New Year at home while she planned her next move.

‘Having come so far and be so close I just couldn’t give up,’ she explains.

Christine needed a full body lift but again the £30,000 cost in the UK was way out of budget.

So earlier this year she went back to Linda Briggs and explained her predicament.

By coincidence, Linda had just been asked by surgeons in Tunisia to find a patient willing to be operated on and pictured for training purposes in return for a huge discount.

‘The thought of lots of people seeing my disgusting body actually made me shake but I knew it was the only way I could afford to get rid of the skin so I agreed,’ says Christine.

It meant she paid just £10,000 for a £30,000 operation.

She had lost a further half a stone before she flew out – weighing 13 stone.

Two surgeons spent eight hours trimming rolls of fat from her arms, stomach, back and breasts while another snapped away recording the procedure for students.

In total they removed an incredible three metres of skin weighing two stone.

‘The pain was nothing compared to the elation I felt when I looked down and all that skin was gone. I had started the day weighing 13 stone and ended it weighing 11 stone, ’ she says.

‘I won’t lie, the scars are big but they are worth it. I looked like I was wearing a fat suit. Now it’s gone forever and I can start a new life.

Now 16 weeks on the scars have finally healed and Christine has been shopping for a size 14 party dress.

‘I’ve spent too many years at home in my PJs when everyone else has been having a good time. This is my year to shine and I’m going to do it in the tightest, sparkliest dress I can find.

‘I’m not telling my story so show off or gloat. I’ve been at rock bottom and I know how it feels. I just want to reach out to all those overweight men and women making New Year vows to change and tell them it can be done.

‘I never in my wildest dreams thought I could change, now I’ve done it and it still feels like a dream. Sometimes I wake up and forget I’ve lost the weight.

‘In fact I still automatically go the outsize section and buy black tent dresses because old habits die- hard. I’m not confident yet and I still hate having my picture taken but I did this to inspire others.

‘So if I can do it so can you. ‘

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