LIFTING her top to reveal a taut and toned tummy, Jordan Cruttenden proudly snapped a selfie in the mirror.
But the innocent snap provoked fury when she posted it online – because it was taken days after she gave birth.
More astonishingly, her baby was delivered by a section, which meant she had not exercised after the delivery and she was quickly slammed for fat shaming other mums and promoting an ‘unrealistic ideal.’
But proud Jordan disagrees and says the picture PROVES it is possible to boast a flat tummy days after giving birth if you put the effort in while you are pregnant.
Her regime meant she remained a size six to eight throughout her pregnancy, without the need to buy any maternity clothes.
But snapping back into shape so quickly comes with it’s downsides, as strangers refuse to believe the newborn is hers.
She laughed: ‘ People think I’m the nanny because I don’t look like I have just given birth.’
But she doesn’t find the accusation that she was risking her baby’s healthy by lifting weights so funny.
The tot was born in perfect health last month to a defiant Jordan from Eastbourne, who runs fitness brand Babies and Burpees.
The married mum who also has daughter aged 6 and son aged 3 said: ‘ I posted the picture because I wanted to prove it was possible to remain fit and strong in pregnancy and the benefits of that.
‘One of them is of course being able to wear my jeans done up again, but it was about so much more than that too.
‘It’s a myth that women need to put their feet up and eat cake every day when they are expecting.  I worked out with heavy weights pretty much every day and my baby and I remained perfectly healthy and well.
‘My pictures prove it doesn’t have to take a year to get your body back, it can take days if you don’t abuse your body with unhealthy foods and no activity when you are pregnant.’
Jordan found out she was expecting in January this year. Having exercised safely throughout her other two pregnancies she was even more determined to do the same.
But this time she wanted to prove to others how it could be done so she started a selfie diary of her bump.
She said: ‘ I wanted to show in real time how quickly your body can change with the right tools.’
The first trimester of pregnancy is considered the most tiring, but two days after finding out she was expecting, Jordan took part in a ten mile endurance assault course.
Jordan said: ‘ I felt great so I saw no need to slow down. Obviously I wouldn’t advise that to anybody who hasn’t done one before, my point is you can keep doing what your body is used to and my body is used to strength and endurance training.’
So she continued following her normal healthy eating plan and lifting 80 kilo weights at the gym five times a week as well as working as a fitness instructor and running in her spare time.
She said: ‘ During my first trimester I was squatting 80 kilos which is what my body was used to doing so why stop. The biggest mistake pregnant women make is to believe that because they are pregnant they should suddenly start eating loads and do nothing.’
With no visible bump she was able to continue her regime without attracting attention.
But in her third trimester a fellow gym members even complained about her to a member of staff.
She said: ‘ I was informed that complaints had been made because people felt uncomfortable watching me lift weights with a big bump.
‘I didn’t mind, it wasn’t out of malice, but concern for my baby, they were just not aware which is really my whole point.’
When she posted the pictures online of her in a bridge pose with her bump in the air and weightlifting on her Babies and Burpees facebook page it provoked another  backlash of concern for the unborn tot.
She said: ‘I would never ever risk my baby and it is not nice to be accused of that, but I’ll take the criticism if it means I can get my message out there and help undo some of the myths that are making pregnant women unhealthy.’
Jordan even took part in a two- hour weight lifting session the day before her planned c section.
She said: ‘ I had to have a section due to my past deliveries being sections and I knew that meant no exercise at all for six weeks so I wanted to have a really good session and feel strong and fit to help me recovery and look after my family.’
Her son Boden was born on 14 October weighing a perfect 6lb 11oz.
Jordan was back home and started snapping her tummy again days later. By ten days post op it was pretty much back to normal.
At 14 days she posed in her jeans and was criticized for posting the ‘unrealistic’ image.
Jordan said: ‘ My point is that it is realistic. The images are not edited, they are me so they are realistic.
‘I put the work in and I feel great now because of that and any mother can do the same if they take advice and continue with whatever their body is used to.
‘People can’t believe the baby is mine when we go out, they say there is no way I could have just given birth.
‘Yes I am proud of how I look, but more proud that I have the fitness and strength needed to look after three children and I hope posting my pictures has inspired another mum stay fit and healthy.’