A LONELY fish has fallen in love with it’s plastic doppelganger.

Staff at the sea life centre noticed this cow-horned boxfish became dreamy eyed soon after the similar looking plastic Moshi Monster toy was added to it’s tank as part of a new display.

Bess the only cow-horned Boxfish at the centre since it’s mate died, is now infatuated with the plastic figure called Blurp.

The couple share the same distinctive spiky body shape leading staff to believe the boxfish has mistaken the toy for another of it’s species.

Visitors at the centre in Great Yarmouth have enjoyed watching the romance between the pair bloom as the real boxfish appears to try to kiss and nuzzle the toy.

Curator Christine Pitcher says the fish may have fallen for the toy because they have such a strikingly similar appearance.

She said: ‘ I know they usually say opposites attract but in this case they couldn’t be more alike.

‘The Moshi has spikes which are similar the boxfish’s own horns so it’s likely the fish thinks it’s another boxfish.’

Staff have now decided to leave the Moshi in the tank permanently rather than see the Boxfish broken hearted.

Christine Pitcher said: ‘ Whatever the reason the fish has taken such a shine to the toy, we think we are going to have to leave it in there now so the boxfish doesn’t pine for his new friend.’

The toy was added to the tank as part of a challenge for young centre visitors to find hidden in displays.