Student feared she would die following allergic reaction to £1 sunglasses on Spanish holiday to mark end of A Levels

A STUDENT has told how she feared she would die when she suffered a terrifying allergic reaction to her sunglasses on holiday.

Laura Musson’s head, eyes and nose swelled to twice their normal size leaving her features so distorted that even her parents didn’t recognise her.

After seeking urgent medical treatment in Spain, the distraught teenagers parents booked their daughter on the next flight back to the UK for urgent hospital treatment.

Now she wants to warn other holidaymakers about the perils of buying cheap sunglasses after British doctors confirmed they most likely caused the reaction.

Laura aged 18 from Bottesford, Nottinghamshire said: ‘ It was supposed to be a holiday to celebrate finishing our A Levels. It was the first time we’d ever been abroad without our parents but it was totally ruined by a pair of £1 sunglasses.

‘It was terrifying. I honestly thought I would die. I was sick and dizzy and everyone was staring at me because I looked like I’d been badly beaten up.

‘I didn’t understand what was happening to me in the hospital so I begged mum and dad to get us home.

‘I was worried I would never look normal again.’

The drama started when Laura and her twin sister Lucy and a college pal flew to Majorca on June 28th this year.

After a day by the pool wearing her new shades from a high street store, Laura felt her forehead was starting to burn.

‘I thought it was the heat so put more sun cream on even though I had been wearing factor 30 already,’ she explains.

It was the next day that horrified Laura noticed her head and eyes were starting to balloon.

‘I didn’t know what was happening. I’ve been to sunny places before so I knew it wasn’t the heat. I looked a freak. My friend’s head was swelling too.’

But not realising the glasses were too blame, Laura and her pal kept wearing them because they were so ashamed of the way they looked.

When that night her friend complained her throat was swelling, panicking Laura called an ambulance terrified she might die.

‘They gave her an injection which helped her swelling go down, but refused to treat me because I wasn’t the patient.’

But by next morning with her face now twice it’s usual size Laura found a local doctor to inject her with an anti-inflammatory for 50 Euros.

‘He said it would go down but back at the hotel it was getting worse and worse. I sent mum and dad a picture and they didn’t recognise me.’

Soon it was so bad Laura could barely see out of her eyes.

It was then she started to suspect the sunglasses were too blame.

‘My twin was OK and she was the only one without the glasses. I knew it had to be them.’

‘I looked like a different person, like I had been badly beaten. up I knew I had to get to hospital and was starting to seriously panic about what was happening to me.’

‘They told us to keep putting cold water on the swellings but when it became clear nothing was working I was desperate to get home. I didn’t want to die in Spain over a pair of sunglasses.

‘I called my parents in tears and they booked us all on the next flight.’

They were waiting at East Midlands airport to meet them off the plane and rush Laura straight to hospital.

Mum Sonya broke down when she saw her girl.

‘Mum couldn’t believe it was me. I looked like one of those Avatars from the film. She was crying and I was crying. ’

They drove straight to Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham.

Doctors said she had suffered a severe allergic reaction and prescribed a course of antihistamines and confirmed the sunglasses were the most likely cause. The swelling is now starting to go down.

Laura’s holiday insurance did not cover her £470 holiday or the early flight home.

‘They ruined my holiday and looks.  Thought I was getting a bargain for £1 but they cost me a fortune. As a student I can’t afford another holiday.

‘Don’t buy them, it’s not worth it.’